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Christine Line

Christine Line

Studio Owner & Program Director

Christine Line is our studio owner certified holistic health coach and high performance coach. She has been in this industry for 20 years and has seen all the fads come and go. One thing remains through all of that, we all deserve to feel absolutely amazing in a body that’s strong and allows us to say yes to more life.

What got her in this in this industry was in her teens, going through a chaotic time, her family was unravelling when she found athletics, which gave her strength when she felt weak, hope when she was hopeless, confidence when she lacked it, and discipline and focus when she was scattered and overwhelmed. Exercise and athletics really helped create the core of her confidence and the identity that she has today.

She found a well inside of her that allowed her to tap into potential that she didn’t know she had access to.

Today, this is her passion. Tapping into that well that we all possess. That internal well of strength, confidence, energy, and purpose. The body is the most amazing way to do that.

Her training philosophy and philosophy on health is that our body is a beautiful dashboard that was given to us by the universe and it is always giving us feedback. The goal is to tune in and listen to what our bodies really need and to nourish, and move it accordingly so we can thrive everyday.

To Christine, health is a whole mind, body, soul approach. That’s why she always starts with mindset, if our mindset is not right, we can’t sustain anything, we won’t find the motivation and we certainly won’t be consistent. Mindset First! From there we layer nutrition; nourishing the body with food that makes us feel alive, that upgrades our cells, with movement that makes us feel free, mobile and strong, and able to say yes to everything. We then layer the lifestyle coaching, because in today’s world we are overworked and overwhelmed. When we bring these four elements together it creates pure magic and we are able to experience more in our bodies than we ever thought possible.

Her expertise lies in mindset and soul coaching, she loves to blend spirit and science together to help people achieve optimal health by using their body as a dashboard, tapping into their heart, and mastering habits that create optimal performance.

Her certifications include: Certified Personal Trainer, Certified C.H.E.K Practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Coach level 2, C.H.E.K Lifestyle Coach level 2, Certified High Performance Coach, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, and a host of other things.



Chris’ background in baseball, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Crossfit, High Intensity Interval Training, and running created the backbone of physical fitness that has spanned across the past 14 years.

It took 5 years of working in the corporate world for the feelings of being unfulfilled and lacking purpose to realize that health and wellness extends far beyond the arena of physical fitness.

That led him to pursue his passion in genuinely connecting with people in a positive way through the vector of health and wellness.

The foundation of his knowledge is based in the CHEK principles of holistic health; looking at the human body beyond its physical existence and into one’s mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Chris has been part of the Push!Fit team since October, 2018 and thoroughly enjoys providing a positive and safe space for people who are new to exercise to move, reduce their levels of pain, and help make them feel great in their own skin.



Personal Trainer

Caroline first fell in love with fitness at the age of 17 when attending aerobics classes. At the same time, she discovered a passion for strength training. Caroline continued with both aerobics and strength training throughout her university years in Ottawa.

Caroline has been a Personal Trainer Specialist with Can Fit Pro since 2000 and enjoys training both individuals and groups. Caroline’s experience ranges from leading “bootcamp” style class to teaching mature adults within a medically supervised training program to teaching pilates and yoga inspired classes. As a result, Caroline is able to customize any workout to best suit the needs and requirements of the client. Caroline is always trying to enhance her knowledge base, by taking wellness related courses:

training with Stott Pilates (2005), TRX(2014), Certified Coach Practitioner (2017), Clean Eating for Wellness (2019).

Caroline’s attitude towards fitness is motivate, educate and inspire the client to feel successful and energized after a workout. Caroline is extremely dedicated to her clients – her greatest joy is learning from her clients’. When not at the studio Caroline can be found hiking the Bruce trail with her family and dog or cheering her daughter on at dance competitions.



Malik started out a varsity athlete playing basketball at York U, and his desire to get better is what drew him into fitness. From there he trained for the next 4 years. He quit after and went to work at a corporate office. He was there another 3-4 years until he went to a meeting where they were giving out awards for people who have been with the company for 5+ years. The saying was, If you have been with the company for 5 or more years, you would be here for life. That got him thinking and he realized that being there and being unhappy with the way he looked and felt on a daily basis, is not what he wanted for the rest of his life. From there he quit that job and rekindle his love for fitness and has never looked back. He is happy to say that he has been apart of the fitness industry for 10 years!

Malik could talk a lot about his philosophy and how the body improving will make you feel better give you more energy. Which is amazing and true, his philosophy you need a mindset first. Once YOU have made up your mind to no longer accept your current reality, that’s were true change will not only happen but also last forever.

Malik’s area of expertise is understanding that we all have goals that we want to achieve and help bridge the gap by improving your actions. Accountability is only one piece of the puzzle. To have true emotional connection to a desire outcome. That is his special interest in all of Pushfit athletes and my goal is to bring it out every athlete that works with me.

Most people don’t know this about Malik but he is a huge nerd. In his free time you can find him playing video games and binging movies. Also he loves playing with his french bulldog named Teemo.



Client Care manager

Erin is our Client Care manager at the studio. She graduated from Mohawk College with a certificate in Media and has had a lot of experience in customer care as well as marketing. She Markets for the studio and runs all of our campaigns. On top of being at the studio, she also works alongside Christine as her right hand woman in her High Performance Coaching and manages the Thrive Together Relationship Growth Community.

In her spare time you can find her hanging out with her cat and doing epic makeup looks, as well as exploring nature and some modelling.



Brittany loves to be active and is passionate about the growth that fitness has allowed her to connect with. As a yoga teacher looking to develop more strength she found her way into the fitness world to accomplish her physical goals with her passion for health and wellness. In discovering that the path of fitness was the one that aligned with her joy – she went on to pursue her personal training certification hoping to bring the same passion and positive feelings to others that fitness brought to her life.

Brittany leads a holistic life by following a clean diet and believes nutrition is the #1 complement to succeeding in your fitness goals. She believes in taking time to move your body in any way that you love and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to truly see growth not just physically but also mentally.

Brittany is an athlete that competes in the Canadian Physique Alliance and is passionate about bodybuilding, health, wellness, yoga and nutrition. Brittany is passionate about teaching and coaching others to shift their minds to a place where they can begin to look at themselves in a positive way and believe in the fullness of their potential.

Not only is Brittany passionate about body building but she also loves the space that yoga creates for mind, body, soul and the way it allows us to connect deeper to ourselves. She also loves inversions, travelling, floatation therapy, nature walks, music, podcasts and any form of artistically expressing herself creatively.

Brittany is a Certified Personal Trainer through CPTN and has been teaching yoga since 2015.

She creates a fun, challenging and upbeat environment in her fitness classes and will also allow you to feel grounded and connected through yoga. She believes in creating the space for people to enjoy moving their bodies to feel more confident, happy and strong.



Personal Trainer

Paul was drawn into his holistic pursuits of fitness and wellness after having spent many years as a shift worker in steel manufacturing. Fitness became a powerful tool for managing stress and maintaining a balanced and positive mindset through strenuous times. Learning from his experience, Paul now seeks to empower and educate others on how to live optimally by aligning actions with personal values, and applying that outlook to a purposeful life full of movement, joy and energy.

As a competitive hockey player for over 20 years, Paul trains for sport in a safe and functional manner. He looks to address muscular imbalances and postural issues while keeping workouts fun, challenging and engaging. He thoroughly enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, running, hiking and swimming, and recently competed in his first Triathlon. Paul also practices mindfulness through regular meditation and yoga.

Paul is a graduate of Mohawk College’s Health Wellness & Fitness program, a certified Personal Trainer and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Through his formal and continuing education he has gained a comprehensive understanding of physiology, anatomy and biomechanics, which he integrates into his exercise prescription. Over the past three years Paul has worked within Recreation, Public Health and Corporate Wellness services, delivering care and programming to a variety of populations including children, seniors and those with special needs. He truly enjoys helping others and combines this with his love for fitness and wellness