#1 They don’t blame other people for what they eat: They know they are responsible for what goes in their mouth. Doesn’t mean they always make the right choice but they do know they, and only they are the ones responsible for what they eat at the end of the day. Let’s be clear here: unless you are incapable of feeding yourself you are the one putting the fork in your mouth – not your mom, your dad, your spouse or your three year old. Healthy people take personal responsibility for making sure that quality food goes in so that quality comes out.

#2 They don’t repeatedly skip workouts when they don’t feel like going. No one feels like working out all the time – myself included! BUT what we do know is how great it feels to be hot, sweaty and feel like you just accomplished something great. It just sets the right tone for the day. When you start the day off or end it off with a workout you just feel successful. So whether they feel like it or not, they get up – get dressed and walk out the door. Doesn’t matter if it’s a trip to the studio, going out for a run or lifting weights… they just do it without overthinking it.

#3 They don’t quit just because they can’t do something as good as the next person: Why does it matter if you can run as fast, push up as low, squat as much as ….Healthy people don’t stop running just because their buddy is faster and they might need to take walk breaks. They love a challenge and they realize that not being able to do something is an opportunity to be able to do it in the future. Can’t do a chin up? So what! Work towards it. Can’t do jump squats or burpies right now without turning red in the face? It will get better next time. Each time is another little step in the right direction.

#4 They don’t lean on excuses. Excuses are temporary. We all have them – lots of them. I’ve heard so many good ones too (often times playing in my own head) but it’s what we choose to do with them that counts. Healthy people hear the excuses then choose to ACT inline with how they want to be. They hear the “Im tired” excuse but they go anyway. They hear the “we are in a rush with a million places to go” excuse and they still choose to pick up a chicken with a salad instead of drive thru. In the end, it really comes down to picking one choice. Truly FIT people have come to terms with their excuses, acknowledge they will always be there but have plans on how or what they will do when they are faced with them. They don’t have a choice because they choose to be healthy.

#5 They don’t allow their emotions to rule them. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves and soaking in it, they transform that anger/frustration/energy into something positive. Re-focusing energy into something we have total control over such as exercise is powerful and freeing. FIT people know they have 100% control over how and what they choose to do with their bodies and that gives back a sense of control over other areas of our lives. This is a biggie so please pay attention. Having a bad day? Fell off track with your meal plan? Ran your slowest time ever? Broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse? That is even MORE reason to book in your session! Time to start paying yourself back in positive energy. Healthy people know this and keep refueling their bodies with things that pay them back in energy instead of letting things that suck their energy rob them.

#6 They don’t sit for extended periods of time! They get up and get moving! Yes they watch movies, go for coffee’s and lounge around but the “main event” usually has activity in it. Whether it is going for a hike, ski day, skate, treetop trekking, walk through the park with the dogs or playing ball – they focus on movement first! Vacation doesn’t mean a week of sitting around on your butt doing nothing. A day off doesn’t mean lounging in your PJ’s all day. Healthy people know that our bodies are designed to move – we crave movement as a species. We are DESIGNED that way on purpose. Sitting is a killer. Healthy bodies balance sitting with lots of movement to keep bones strong, energy up and positive vibes coming.

# 7 They don’t focus on food as the only reward system. Food is delicious and we all love a good “treat” from time to time but there are a thousand ways to reward ourselves that aren’t based around food. Healthy people focus on many reward systems. A day at the spa, time with loved ones playing, a day off work, shopping, calling on an old friend… all these things count as rewards. When we hit the FIT benchmark we know and practice multiple reward strategies for ourselves.

#8 They don’t “Yo Yo” up and down with their weight or commitment to themselves. There is no “on again”, “off again” roller coaster. In general, Fit people keep a certain level of commitment to themselves and consistency in exercise, daily diet and mindset. Yes they may have an “in season” and “off season” where the intensity changes but in general – daily movement and clean eating is a WAY of LIFE. They are always committed to themselves. Now this doesn’t mean every once in a while we don’t need a tweak or tune up – everyone does but just because they have a bad day doesn’t mean it’s a free for all for the whole weekend or next two weeks. Getting off track for one meal means just that – back on track the next meal! Off track one workout means ramping it up tomorrow (not next Monday or next time we plan a vacation).

#9 They don’t deprive themselves. FIT people drink the occasional glass of wine or beer. They eat pizza and enjoy a good piece of chocolate – trust me. It’s impossible to be 100% impeccable with our diets. That would be OCD. Even the occasional glass of wine, coffee or quality chocolate can actually be good for us. Being healthy means being balanced. In my books that means to live by the 80/20 rule. Eat clean and move with intention 80% of the time and the 20% you want to relax in your PJ’s or lounge in the chair with a cozy book, enjoy that dinner out and eat what you like. The problem is that people try to be either all in or all out and they don’t understand what balance looks like. Balance is not 50/50. Eating clean 50% of the time means you are giving half an effort and you will be lucky to maintain if not gain where you are. Fit people play hard, work hard and enjoy accordingly.

#10 They don’t binge. FIT people have gotten here because they practice the art of getting to know themselves. Part of that is dealing with yucky feelings that come up and finding better ways of dealing with them. We all experience loneliness, anger, frustration, resentment etc from time to time. We are human after all – not divine. BUT part of the journey to a healthier individual is the realization that when we stuff ourselves we are actually trying to fill a void. It’s time to figure out what that is and deal with those emotions. I am not saying FIT people are there yet, but I certainly know that the more you face the emotions, deal with them and heal them, the less we try to fill the holes with external “things” like food or people to satisfy them. Ultimately no food, no person can make us feel completely whole and healthy except for ourselves. Once we are truly “FIT” we are in a good place with this and practice it daily, repeatedly through self awareness, self control and self guidance.

***BONUS ** This one I have to throw in…

Truly “FIT” people don’t entertain negative self talk for long.


They know they have ONE body and ONE chance to LIVE this life to the fullest and they are willing to put the work in so they can enjoy it for a long time!

If you are struggling with these things, you CAN change it. Your desire to change just has to be BIG enough. IF you are there and want/need direction we are here to help!