Say No to Sugar…Why and How

Mmmmm… sweet! It seems like everywhere you look there is something sugary at your finger tips (white bread, pop, candy, pastries, chocolate etc) making it hard to ignore the urge to eat something sweet. Remember back when you were small how alluring lollypops and gummy bears were? What about birthday cake or brownies? As a child we are taught that these are ‘treats,’ our parents gave them to us on occasion for doing a good job or as part of a celebration. As adults, we continue to indulge in these ‘treats’ only we don’t have a parent to watch out … Continue reading Say No to Sugar…Why and How

No Time for Breakfast? Why it’s bad to skip the first meal of the day..

When we explain how weight loss works, the theory of calories in vs. calories out is used. If you skip a meal you are reducing your calories and thus should lose weight, right? Wrong! Following the method of calories in vs calories out will ensure weight loss only if the consumed calories absorb as intended. Eating 600kcal on paper must absorb like 600kcal in the body. This will happen with a methodical eating pattern, where you consume food a frequent intervals, instead of allowing the body to move into feast or famine mode which happens when meals are skipped. Have … Continue reading No Time for Breakfast? Why it’s bad to skip the first meal of the day..

Pain in the Achilles?

Achilles tendon injuries rank among the most common overuse injuries in athletes. These injuries can range from simple tendonitis to complete rupture. Anatomy Comprised of the two conjoined tendons of the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles, the Achilles tendon inserts into the rear part of the heel bone. The bulk of the soleus fibres insert into the inside aspect of the heel bone. Surrounding both tendons is an extremely important vascular sheath, called the peritenon, which nourishes the tendon fibres with its blood supply. Because of the specific insertion of these individual tendon fibres, athletes with a tendency to pronate (e.g. … Continue reading Pain in the Achilles?