Look At All The Leftovers!

Merry Christmas! Now that the big feasts are over many of us are wondering what to do with the huge piles of leftover food! One one hand, you could eat it all, however research has shown that its not the holiday meal that causes weight gain but the combination of eating leftovers 2-3 days after the big event. The easy answer to avoiding additional weight gain is to get rid of the extra treats (if you have any) and re-purpose the healthier items. If there are tempting treats left in the house it’s best to find a new home for … Continue reading Look At All The Leftovers!

Healthy Holiday Treats

‘Tis the season to be naughty…as in kicking your weight loss goals to the curb side and overindulging in all that Christmas goodness – turkey & gravy, stuffing and potatoes, cookies & cakes and good old fashioned Christmas pudding! Mmmmmm…..mmmmm… So while we may be nutritionists and trainers we still can get faced with all the sweets and cravings at times and understand your agony over the holiday season. Here are a few healthier alternatives guaranteed to satisfy that sweet spot and hopefully become a staple at Christmas time. Happy holidays everyone! Pear & Cashew Crisp (serves 6) Prep Time:10 … Continue reading Healthy Holiday Treats


There is a constant worldwide debate on the topic of Genetically Modified Organisms but before we get too into let me clarify what a GMO is. GMO’s are basically foods which have been altered and mutated from their original state either to create a newer and prettier version of the original or to increase yield. They were created to boost the profits of BIG companies and the food industry! Many countries have banned them completely such as Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand and France, making you wonder: what do they know and we don’t? If risks are not entirely known due to lack … Continue reading Non-GMO’s