The SECRET Weapon for Staying Motivated

Do you have it? Do you know how to create it? WHAT is it that keeps it coming? I want to take a minute today to talk about a question and topic that comes up over and over again. There’s all kinds of cute quotes and pictures about it and it creates a lot of buzz and energy at in the beginning. What is IT? We are talking about Motivation. Motivation refers to the act or state of being stimulated towards action. In the beginning of an exercise program or new endeavour, everyone is motivated. When I do a consult most people are thrilled … Continue reading The SECRET Weapon for Staying Motivated

COMMIT and go with the flow

Good morning! I know it’s Saturday but I am super excited about the week ahead and to be sharing this morning with you. Funny I think that’s how we start most weeks – me saying “I am super excited about…”. I hope you don’t mind me repeating that over and over again but it is absolutely true. I AM ‘super excited’! Excited about waking up, enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, reading and getting an awesome energizing workout in. I am excited to talk to you, meet new people and bring on new experiences every single week. Where does that … Continue reading COMMIT and go with the flow


28 DAY HIT CHALLENGE IS COMING!!! Are you ready to start 2015 off with a bang!? Are you ready to make a change!? This is a great start for you! Kick off is January 17th! The Challenge includes: 20 HIT Work Outs 28 Day Eating Plan Weekly Nutrition Check ins Body Comp Before and After For more details on our 2015 HIT Challenge Please Click HERE !


Man oh man…I went for an awesome trail run a few days ago and what a beauty it was! It was beautiful because of the scenery of course…it was beautiful because it cleared my head and provided the perfect space to ‘reset’ my mind. But most importantly it was beautiful because I realized that now, when I run, I run completely FREE. What does that mean? I mean FREE to flow through it. To totally and completely do what my body is telling me to do and to be OK with it. To feel awesome every step of the way … Continue reading RUNNING FREE