Are you an All or Nothing Person?

Client Success Principle #4: Practice Patience… Are you an “ALL or NOTHING” kinda gal or guy? I know I can certainly be like that. More often than I like to admit! Why is that? Probably because I am a perfectionist and want to do a great job, to create a great experience or leave a lasting impression. I am intrinsically driven to excel. I get frustrated easily when I know I can “do” better. Sound familiar? Come on. Fess up! It’s a common ailment I hear from clients all the time. While it’s awesome to want to give our best … Continue reading Are you an All or Nothing Person?

3 CRUCIAL Success Principles

Alright we are just going to JUMP right in on this one. Since it IS the new year and I know many of you have already made some fitness, weight loss or personal goals for yourself I thought it would be fitting and appropriate to go back through our Client Success Principles. These principles are the guiding posts for making sure our clients achieve the success their are looking for. Whether you want to lose 10 lbs, run a marathon this year or simply become a better wife or husband, you need to follow some basic principles to success. As … Continue reading 3 CRUCIAL Success Principles