Sore Back and Tight Hips Getting in the Way?

I often hear people complain of low back pain or “achyness” when trying to work out, especially with runners and cyclists during or just afterward their training. Most people ignore the signals and keep pushing through the discomfort only to find out that they end up with a chronic throb in their low back day after day. This can be super frustrating as you are trying to make positive changes to your fitness. The solution? Don’t quit yet! You just need to make a few tweaks to your program. Here are a few pointers for you to pay attention to … Continue reading Sore Back and Tight Hips Getting in the Way?

Get GROUNDED! Time to ditch the shoes and let the energy back in!

Get GROUNDED! Time to ditch the shoes and let the energy back in! By Christine Line If you are anything like me, I am so extremely grateful for this time of year. After months and months of cold weather, extra layers and heavy boots I can’t get enough of the sun and being outdoors. There is POTENT medicine in being outside! One of those powerful benefits is “Grounding or Earthing” which essentially means to walk on the earth barefoot. It helps restore our natural balance, is extremely energy building, helps calm your nervous system. How’s that work? Studies have widely … Continue reading Get GROUNDED! Time to ditch the shoes and let the energy back in!

Healthy Breakfast Recipe!

What to eat for breakfast? I love eggs but they can feel heavy if paired with the wrong things. Here’s a tip for keeping eggs light! Cook up some Sautéed onions and scrambled eggs and toss with 2 cups fresh tabbouleh. The mixture of protein and fat with the light green herbs makes this a perfectly balanced combo to leave you feeling satisfied yet not heavy. Lots of energy for that morning workout! Now… Get moving!

The ONE Truly Deserving

Are you the ONE TRULY DESERVING?? We are giving away a 3 month training package to one person who truly deserves it, someone who makes no excuses and is out there busting it every single day. Someone who will take this opportunity and not just run with it, but FLY with it! We are giving away: 1 month of 1-on-1 personal training, designed to identify your strengths and weaknesses and get you on the path to success 2 months of UNLIMITED Group training in our group classes designed specifically to burn fat and build muscle A total value of $1,000!!

FREE public workshop: Natural Solutions for Healthy Living with doTERRA Essential Oils

Free public workshop: Natural Solutions for Healthy Living At this event you will experience pure essential oils and be empowered to improve your health and the health of your entire family! Learn simple ways to makeover your medicine cabinet with natural alternatives! •Reduce the Symptoms of Common Ailments •Improve Immune Function •Improve Respiratory & Gastrointestinal Health •Reduce Toxic Load in Your Home •Assist in Pain Relief •Improve Emotional Health Call our office at 905 690 7874 or fill out the form on the right to register for this free public workshop!

Stress and breathing

Do you “hold your stress in your shoulders”? Lately we’ve been having a lot of clients complain of shoulder and neck tension, which is almost always followed by explaining that this is where they “hold their stress”. One reason you may be experiencing this might be because you are breathing into your chest. There are two main types of breathing: belly breathing and chest breathing. But, how would chest breathing cause shoulder tension? Keep reading! The main muscle that is meant to help with breathing is called your diaphragm. This is called a primary breathing muscle because it’s meant to … Continue reading Stress and breathing

Men’s 12 Week ALPHA Project

12 Week ALPHA Project Are you SICK and TIRED of Feeling SICK and TIRED? Is your BELLY getting in the way of doing what you love and feeling your BEST? Are you getting WINDED walking up the Stairs? Chronic knee, back or hip pain holding you back? Seriously. It’s time to DO something about it. It’s time for the ALPHA PROJECT. It’s 12 weeks of NO nonsense, get your act together workouts, clean eating, proper fuel, movement and recovery for reclaiming your ENERGY, STRENGTH and CONFIDENCE. Only 12 SPOTS open to Men who are committed and ready to do what … Continue reading Men’s 12 Week ALPHA Project