Sitting Rising Test

Sitting Rising Test By Christine Chisholm B.Sc. (H. Kin), PTS Here is a fun way to test how you measure up on your muscle strength and flexibility. A Brazilian physician named Claudio Gil Araujo came up with the “Sitting Rising Test”. Follow the example in the picture below. Everyone starts with 10 points and you get a point subtracted for every limb that touches the floor or half a point for loss of balance. Try It 1. Stand in comfortable clothes in your bare feet, with clear space around you. 2. Without leaning on anything, lower yourself to a sitting … Continue reading Sitting Rising Test

How has your sleep been?

We hear from clients far too often say that they “don’t sleep” or they “have trouble falling asleep”; whether it is because of work, kids, or a racing mind keeping them up at night. A lack of sleep might just be the roadblock that is keeping you from reaching the fitness goals you’ve been working so hard to achieve. Here are some tips to help you fall asleep and stay asleep: 1. Meditate before bed. Meditation will help calm your central nervous system and slow your breathing to help you relax and make it easier to drift off. 2. Try … Continue reading How has your sleep been?


Ingredients: 1 cup plain Greek yogurt 1/2 pint blackberries 1 orange 3-4 tablespoons of chopped nuts Directions: Mush berries at the bottom of the mason jar. Add yogurt on top. Zest the rind and squeeze the juice from the orange on top of the yogurt. Top with nuts. Make more than one jar for breakfast for the next few days! The juice from the orange will seep into the yogurt and add amazing flavour!

YOU: Your #1 BARRIER to reaching your GOAL. Breaking through SELF Sabotage {Giveaway}

Welcome Summer! It’s officially here and I think many of us have already made the mental shift into ‘vacation’ mode. That’s OK and good on ya! Every once in a while, it’s needed. After working hard for a long time or working towards something non stop, we have to pause, take a deep breath, chill out and just relish where we are. Today I want to encourage you to pause, breathe and chill. Have FUN and be totally present in your body enjoying new experiences this summer. I also want to use this as a reminder though that pause and … Continue reading YOU: Your #1 BARRIER to reaching your GOAL. Breaking through SELF Sabotage {Giveaway}

Primal Activities for the family!!

Get back to nature and try some of these family activities to get away from the electronics and back to nature this summer!. 1. Commit to a weekly outdoor adventure As a group, do something new each week or at least each month this summer. Try something you’ve never done or give yourself the chance to recreate your favorite summer activities or trips. Retrace the steps of a backpacking trip you did 25 years ago, or try rafting. Not every choice needs to be an expensive or elaborate deal. Take the kids zip-lining, head to a water park, or do … Continue reading Primal Activities for the family!!

Anything Worthwhile Takes Work!

Today I want to encourage you to get moving and to remind you that anything worthwhile takes work, commitment and intention. I always tell clients, the hardest part of your training is going to be getting dressed and walking out the door. Once you show up, 80% of the work is done! It is so true. That’s pretty sweet. If you can do that 80% then the other 20% will just come together. That 20% that’s left, that’s your workout. That 20% of work is where all the good stuff happens. You sweat, you breathe deeper, you build muscles, you … Continue reading Anything Worthwhile Takes Work!


I may not be perfect, but parts of me are pretty AWESOME. Good Morning! Today I am going to keep things short and sweet. I simply want to remind you to ditch the need for perfection and celebrate the pretty darn awesome parts about you. As I always share what I love most about my work is hearing YOUR stories. I feel so lucky to be flooded with amazing stories from men and women who’s lives are literally being transformed by simply starting to exercise, clean up their diets and focus on their headspace. I can’t think of a more … Continue reading I am AWESOME!

Do What You Love!

Do what you love, even if you have no idea how. Life can sometimes be a ridiculous crazy ride where it seems like you’re blindfolded, going backwards and have no idea what the hell is happening. Over the last 3 years I would say I have felt this way probably more than a few times. I also believe that fitness has been, at least in part, the catalyst for this. At one point, which seems like a lifetime ago, I was an engineer. For 5 years I sat in an office for about 9.5 hours a day, staring at my … Continue reading Do What You Love!

Blueberry French Toast!

Try this! Next time you’re craving French toast or pancakes make it delicious AND healthy! Blueberry French Toast! (Yield: 2 servings) – 3 slices ancient grain or chia/fall bread – 3 free range eggs – 1/2 cup almond milk – 1 tbsp organic butter – cinnamon – 1 tsp vanilla extract (the real deal) – 2-3 tbsp hemp hearts (or chopped nuts/seeds of choice) – 1 tsp Raw Honey -1 cup frozen wild berries Directions: 1. Whisk together eggs, almond milk, eggs, cinnamon and vanilla extract 2. Soak bread slices in egg mixture until thoroughly softened and set aside on … Continue reading Blueberry French Toast!