3 MYTHS of Healthy Eating

I eat really well, so WHY am I still overweight? Do you consider yourself a pretty “healthy” person? Would you say your diet is pretty clean and whole foods based? And even though you eat relatively well, are you still a bit perplexed as to WHY you are carrying around that extra weight that just won’t budge? Nothing could be more frustrating than thinking that you’ve made all the changes you need to your diet and are eating well, being intentional about it and still things don’t shift the way you want them to. Why does that happen? I wanted … Continue reading 3 MYTHS of Healthy Eating


5 STEPS to DOUBLE your ENERGY levels this month Ever wish you had just a little bit more punch to get you through your day? Maybe it’s at the same time every day…you hit a block… Maybe it’s that afternoon slump where you really need a coffee and feel like your energy takes a dip, focus drops and you have to work much harder to stay focused. Maybe you just have an overall feeling of ‘sub-optimal’ energy all time time. It’s not bad, but it’s not GREAT. And WHAT would be different in your life right now IF you had … Continue reading 5 STEPS to DOUBLE your ENERGY