Mindset for Fat Loss

Do you have the right MINDSET to maintain a healthy weight?

The Whole Picture – Episode 1: Mindset for Fat Loss! It’s our first episode of the Whole Picture and this week we are talking about what’s between the ears when it comes to FAT LOSS! Check out the video below for Episode 1: The Whole Picture – Do you have the RIGHT Mindset for true lasting fat loss? If you don’t have time to watch the video, here are the key points I hope you takeaway from this lesson: 1. You are NOT your pattern! The pattern you’ve adopted, your old operating system, is not you and not your future. What you do, is … Continue reading Do you have the right MINDSET to maintain a healthy weight?

Your burning questions

New Video Series! Your burning questions answered …

The Whole Picture by PUSH!FIT I am really really excited about this! We are rolling out a new Weekly Video Series entitled “The Whole Picture” to help make sense of all the clutter and confusing information out there as it relates to health & fitness. Over the next 4 months we will be diving into fat loss, pain reduction, stress management and recovery through weekly mini lessons and interviews and I would love to get your input on specifically what you have burning questions about! I put together a little intro video for you to check out. Feel free to comment on … Continue reading New Video Series! Your burning questions answered …

Episode 2 THE WHOLE PICTURE!! – Nutrition For Fat Loss

In this week’s episode of ‘The Whole Picture’ Push!fit coach Christine Chisholm speaks with Christine Line about the right kind of nutrition when aiming for fat loss. Click the link to watch: https://youtu.be/8ay-9pqZqIw

5 Ways to get UNSTUCK

Ever feel like your giving it your all and just not getting the results you want? Here are five ways to get UNSTUCK: 1. Focus on the next right move – Don’t just focus on the big picture. Make everyday decisions that bring you closer to your goals. 2. Devise a reward strategy – If you make the changes you desire and reach your goals, reward yourself. It could be something as big as a vacation or as small as a massage. 3. Be real about the consequences of not changing – What are the bad things that will happen … Continue reading 5 Ways to get UNSTUCK