Find PEACE in the Struggle!

Life is a combination of every emotion under the sun. ? We live for the moments of happiness, joy, excitement, and all of the wonderful things that energize us, inspire us, and make us feel complete. But what about the tough stuff? Broken relationships, body disappointment, poor health and disease, financial struggles… I believe that some of the most powerful growth experiences of our lives will always come from our struggles. We won’t necessarily appreciate that struggle in the moment. In fact, we might hate it and wonder why something so awful is happening to us. But there’s a lesson and … Continue reading Find PEACE in the Struggle!

7 Fatal Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Fitness Coach

     Are you thinking about a healthier, fitter lifestyle? Whether you’ve never worked out before, or used to work out and stopped, regular exercise is critical to your health. If you want to create a healthier version of yourself the right way, find a qualified fitness coach. Knowing where to start can be tricky! Everyone seems to be doing something different, you read a book and it tells you to do something else. There is so much information, it’s easy to get confused! There are a lot of imitators out there, so make sure you know what to look for. … Continue reading 7 Fatal Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Fitness Coach

You Can Eat Whatever You Want!

Say WHAT⁉️⁉️ But it’s really true that you can eat what you want and still have the body you desire! Here’s the catch though… You can eat whatever you want BUT NOT whenever you want and however much you want. Yes, we’re talking about the concept of moderation. It’s not exciting or sexy, but it works…far more than any pills and powders you can swallow. I think successful moderation comes down to a few things: ▪️ Limiting your portions – 1-2 slices of pizza is fine. Half the pizza isn’t! ▪️ Making sure it’s worth it – if you’re going to eat … Continue reading You Can Eat Whatever You Want!