5 STEPS to DOUBLE your ENERGY levels this month

Ever wish you had just a little bit more punch to get you through your day?

Maybe it’s at the same time every day…you hit a block…

Maybe it’s that afternoon slump where you really need a coffee and feel like your energy takes a dip, focus drops and you have to work much harder to stay focused.

Maybe you just have an overall feeling of ‘sub-optimal’ energy all time time. It’s not bad, but it’s not GREAT. And WHAT would be different in your life right now IF you had more energy? What would you be doing more of? Less of?

No matter where you are, or where we are starting from energy is always a hot topic. Like love, we can all use more of it:)

Here are 5 STEPS to raise your energy levels without any monster drinks, Redbull or that third or 4th cup of coffee of the day.

NOTE! Before I go any further, these aren’t necessarily things you haven’t heard before, but as my mentor Brendon Buchard often says:

“Common sense isn’t always common practice”.

If you find yourself reading this article say “yeah yeah I already know that”… ask yourself that’s nice but am I practising it? How can I be more intentional about adding these five habits into my life daily?

I recently spent four days at a High Performance conference that went from 9 AM in the morning till nearly 9 PM at night – every day. That’s a long time to be focusing on learning in a hotel conference room.

The beautiful thing about it was my energy levels at the end of the day were almost exactly the same if not more than in the morning. So what was the trick?

Again, Brendon kept reminding us..“You are like a power plant. You don’t HAVE energy, you must GENERATE it!”

The beautiful thing is our bodies are created to generate energy so let’s use it to its full advantage.

Here are the 5 steps to generate more energy and raise your vibe this month.

1 HYDRATE continuously.

Your brain is made up of mostly water and fat. Water is the primary source of fuel for your brain. When we feel sluggish, foggy, tired or mentally drained, we are often not properly hydrated or lacking in essential fatty acid’s. This is such an easy one, but also such an easy one to skip and overlook because it seems so insignificant yet it carries a huge amount of weight over productivity in our day.

2 Get up and move!

Movement generates energy. It’s often when we feel the most tired, the most ‘stuck’ and unmotivated that our bodies are crying out for movement and oxygen. I know it’s probably the last thing you feel like doing, but get up and move! It can be a light walk, stairs, stretching, workout or cycle. Anything you enjoy and any duration works!

I have mentioned it many times before but one of the KEY habits of the most highly successful people is the morning workout. Just 20 minutes of high intensity training first thing in the morning sets you up for a highly productive day.

If you can’t do that (and there are days I miss too!) then program your phone to get up 2-3x throughout the day in small chunks and move for 5-10 minutes at a time. You keep your limbs loose, reduce stiffness and tension WHILE building energy.

3 Take breaks.

Don’t power through. Research studies continue to show that productivity drops drastically after 50 minutes of focusing on one thing – and that’s for people who are highly effective!

4 Breathe Deep and Intentionally.

Take one of those short breaks to practice Belly Breathing or quieting your mind through mediation.

Belly breathing infuses your body with oxygen = LIFE!

It also activates your parasympathetic nervous system (relaxed state) and helps your body find balance.

The beautiful thing?

You can create this ‘switch’ in less than 1 minute!

Again often overlooked but SO Simple!

YOU have 100% control over how you choose to feel and this is one way to quickly and effectively change your stress levels and mitigate anxiety while rebalancing your nervous system and regaining clarity.

Often that mediation or breathing practice is just an opportunity to CREATE WHITE SPACE. That means allowing yourself permission to let go of all the clutter in your head and just be.

It’s in the WHITE space that our most creative ideas emerge as well as many of our own answers to questions we struggle with.

Containing a ‘full head’ of ideas, thoughts and checklists all the time is ENERGY draining so empty that bucket regularly by creating MORE white space and see what happens to your energy levels!

5 Get outside. Being in nature automatically surrounds us with ENERGY.

Most of us spend the day working inside, exposed to poor air quality, sitting on synthetics materials, wearing synthetic clothing and missing out on

ALL the benefits that sunlight provides.

Take small breaks and STEP outside! The outdoors are filled with energy building elements, from oxygen providing plants, to mood enhancing sunshine, to soothing sounds of birds… to fresh air to open spaces.

If you have the opportunity schedule outdoor time at a park, a trail or anywhere you can soak in the restorative power of nature get out there! Do it daily – even for 5 minutes.

BONUS! You can do them ALL at the same time, multiple times throughout the day! You can take a break to walk, breathe, meditate, be outside and rehydrate all at the same time! How is that for efficient and productive?

FINALLY … to MAKE this happen you have to set triggers.

I use my iPhone and program my movement, breaks, breathing (or meditation) time in there because as much as I would love to say it’s automated, I am not quite there yet.

Go ahead. Take 2 minutes and put these alerts in your phone right now.

Follow what you phone tells you to do for this week and record how you feel at the

beginning and end of each day and week.

– Christine Line

Have other tips that work? What is your #1 Energy Builder? I would love to hear from you! Please comment and share below 🙂

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