Ever feel like your giving it your all and just not getting the results you want?
Here are five ways to get UNSTUCK:

1. Focus on the next right move – Don’t just focus on the big picture. Make everyday decisions that bring you closer to your goals.

2. Devise a reward strategy – If you make the changes you desire and reach your goals, reward yourself. It could be something as big as a vacation or as small as a massage.

3. Be real about the consequences of not changing – What are the bad things that will happen if you don’t achieve your goal? Let that sink in and drive you.

4. Make “DO IT ANYWAY” your motto – So often we get lost rationalizing poor choices. Talking yourself out of going to the gym or cooking dinner. Be aware and choose differently.

5. Increase your accountability – Ask a friend to join you or hire a coach who believes in you.

And don’t forget – if you need help getting unstuck, we’ve got your back here at push!FIT.