Okay so we’re heading into the Holiday season and I know for most of us that means lots of running around, reconnecting with loved ones and probably a LOT of…. food!

It’s all good!

I am Italian and I love me some good wine and delicious food – guilt free of course. 😉

Growing up in Italy and seeing food as a centrepiece for connection, I get how much joy it can bring to our lives. Good food, made from whole – locally sourced ingredients, cooked up with in the kitchen by someone who puts extra love into his/her cooking is something special!

I feel so blessed to have had guilt free, nourishing experience around food growing up.

That’s also why I am sending you this reminder today.

Being in the health industry now for over 20 years, the sad truth is I meet so many women and men who have had a guilt laden relationship with food (and exercise) nearly their whole lives.

Food becomes a centrepiece of focus in an unhealthy obsessive kinda way – “Did I eat too much? Too little? Did I kill my metabolism? Was it the right choice? The wrong choice? Am I good today? Or totally off track?” ….

Then come the labels we stick all over ourselves! I am not disciplined enough. I just don’t have this in me. I’m lazy. I’m just not motivated …. (fill in your fave ones).

Exercise becomes something you HAVE do to burn off the food you eat. And round and round it goes.

If that’s you I want to encourage you that there IS another way.

I want to CHALLENGE you to think differently right now about food and exercise.

What IF food is really this amazing source of energy, fuel and mental clarity and your body knows exactly how much and what it needs moment to moment?

All you have to do is learn to trust and listen to it?

What IF exercise is really this amazing source of boundless energy, crazy confidence and inner strength you can tap into any time you wanted to?

All you have to do is embrace it and show up.

The good news is that those are BOTH truths that we live by in the studio. I am here – we are here- to help guide you to trust and listen to your body and we show you how to do that step by step. Book your call right now to get started!

Whether that is with what to eat, when to eat or how much. Or about how much or what kind of exercise your body needs – you ALREADY have the answers. Sometimes we just need a new set of lenses:)

So – if you’re already there I want to celebrate with you and congratulate you for being tuned in to your body!

If you are not there, but want to GET there – start today with one small step. Everything starts with a foundation or that first brick. What do you KNOW that you need to start doing right now?

What do you KNOW you need to stop doing?

I am not going to give you advice right now – just ask you these questions and I would love to for you to email me and let me know the answers you came up with!

Remember – it’s the simple stuff, repeated over time that gets us results long term!