Progress is a “Crooked Line”

How we measure “success” can be a tricky thing. Many clients come to us to lose the weight that is holding them down, making them sick and causing them frustration. At the beginning of the program they are super excited, alert and ready to go. Like sponges they try to absorb the information and are diligent about keeping up a food journal or booking in training sessions. Its’ absolutely great. Armed with a clear outline of what their end goal is they are ready to follow the instructions and get to work! WHAT is the glitch here?

Too many of us place way too much emphasis on the scale as a measure of our success or progress. If the scale drops every day, I’m good. If the scale stays the same I must be doing something wrong and if it goes up? Failure! While weight loss can be a great goal we have to dig a little deeper and ask ourselves WHY do we want the weight loss? The body composition change? Why do we want to be stronger, fitter, have better cardiovascular health? WHY do we even want to be healthy and what does that mean to us? Yes, a leaner, stronger body can certainly translate into a healthy one, but we have to get to the REAL reason why we want the change. Is it so as you age you can continue to play and participate in your life rather than watching it from a chair? Is it so you can travel with your spouse and see the world? Is is so you can get back the confidence, discipline and zest for life that has escaped you?

So #1 = GET DEEP. Figure out WHY you want what you want and make it so big nothing else will get in the way. When you know your WHY, the HOW will fall into place!

That brings me to the next point which is to get to that end goal (your why) it takes a crooked line. Success is not a straight line and I have had to learn this in so many ways. Every challenge, every roadblock, every glitch brings and opportunity. What is critical here is what I choose to do in that moment when I am faced with a challenge. We ALL experience roadblocks and setbacks. Maybe it’s a crazy work schedule, travel, people who don’t support you. Perhaps you have a hit on your health or to someone you love. Life brings about stressful events. That’s just a fact. BUT it’s those events and what we do in those moments that make us who we are. So… you want to be “healthy”?

To be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle means you have to learn what it’s like to be faced with junk food, excess, lack of motivation, crazy life schedules and situations where stress creeps in at high levels. It IN those times that you have a choice. Hmmm… Will I eat and eat to feel better or do I choose to go for a hike? If work or family are getting crazy, what do you do to reduce your load and take care of you so you can be your best for them? At a party, do you just go all out and try to diet later or do you choose to be disciplined? Success is simply a matter of CHOICES and it takes just as much effort to choose a positive action or thought over a negative one. You just need to pick. Remember that set backs are there as teachers. So you have a moment (or days) where you feel sorry for yourself and let things go. The scale goes up, your relationship goes sideways, your kids won’t listen, nobody appreciates you – whatever. Pick yourself up. Dust off your knees, pat yourself on the back and move onward. You just learned HOW to not do it next time! And that is how progress happens. It’s from learning as we go, adjusting and moving onward!

So #2 – Life happens. Learn from the mistakes because those are the opportunities.

Finally #3 – Snap yourself out of it! (Literally use a rubber band on your wrist if needed and snap yourself) and Move Onward!

Until next time,

YOU got this!

Christine Line