All or nothing

Client Success Principle #4: Practice Patience…

Are you an “ALL or NOTHING” kinda gal or guy? I know I can certainly be like that. More often than I like to admit! Why is that? Probably because I am a perfectionist and want to do a great job, to create a great experience or leave a lasting impression. I am intrinsically driven to excel. I get frustrated easily when I know I can “do” better. Sound familiar? Come on. Fess up!

It’s a common ailment I hear from clients all the time.

While it’s awesome to want to give our best – it can also be a HUGE setback if we allow it to ultimately rule our daily actions. Think about it. It’s a new year so perhaps you have set some goals for yourself this year. We set fitness, business or personal goals or have those desires. We get excited to get going, commit to the idea, jump in and give 150%… all we have to give! Until…. our kids get sick, our dog gets sick, we hit a deadline, our friends invite us for dinner, we take a holiday…. and then… fall of track! YIKES. So – THE KEY IS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

Too many of us allow those days where we can’t give 100% become “ Nothing” days. We decide if we can’t have a killer workout or 1 full hour to run then it’s not worth it. If we mess up  and choose poor quality foods as an appetizer or have a little bump we decide it’s going to be a” free for all” for the night, or weekend, or week … or longer. That’s the danger zone.  What you CHOOSE to do when you don’t feel like 100% is instrumental in your outcome.  Will you actually continue to lose weight, get faster, get stronger? Or will you start to slide backwards and sabotage yourself?

In the spirit of kicking off the new year I am spending each week talking about our Client Success Principles. This week I want to talk about PRACTICING PATIENCE and meeting your BODY where it’s AT right now – today.  Now I am not saying give half effort all the time. You gotta put in the work but be smart about how you do it. You didn’t get to where you are today overnight so don’t pressure yourself to get 100% results overnight either. Every minute, every day you have a choice. CHOOSE instead of committing to all or nothing to commit to consistency. Commit to sticking to 3 sessions per week of exercise. If you feel exhausted then adjust the level of intensity but still go. Maybe you need to reduce the speed, the intensity or the type of workout but consistency is what creates chance.

Commit to make ‘better’ choices daily and and always be asking yourself “Is what I am doing right now getting me closer to where I want to be, or further away?”.  Make it a habit to ask yourself that question every day, at every sticky point. Every new situation presents a new opportunity to turn it around. So you ate poorly yesterday. Commit today to drinking more water and moving your body right off the bat. Feeling hydrated will motivate you to choose better food and exercise is a great mood enhancer so you will be more mindful when you eat.

I had a day like this last week. This is the year I have decided to get back to training hard and racing. I love it but haven’t had the time to dedicate to it in the past year but now I am back! The thing is though my body needs a little time to adjust. After a few hard workouts, I came in to the studio determined to stick to my plan. After 10 minutes of warm up I head my body talking. I needed to stretch! I was tight. Tight hips, tight quads, a little tension in my upper back. I was fatigued. There was a decision. At that moment I chose to LISTEN to my body. Instead of pushing through tightness I decided to use my time as a recovery and rebuilding day. I lowered the intensity of my workout to about 60% and spent the bulk of my time practicing yoga, foam rolling and working on my posture. In the end, I felt like I got just what I needed! I walked away pain free, feeling lighter and ready to come back for my 100% workout the next day.

So I am going to leave you with these 3 questions to ask yourself this week:

  1. Is what I am doing right now moving me closer to my goal or further away?
  2. How can I make a better choice right now?
  3. Am I Listening to my body and meeting it where it’s at? 
    Are you training smart, setting yourself up to really give 100% when you show up? (TIP: you can’t give 100% every single day – you need some recovery days to get stronger!!)

Finally … ACKNOWLEDGE what you HAVE done by writing it down so you can see it..  We are much more motivated by hope and success than by fear. Download this simple success journal right now and track your daily wins. Review them at the end of the month!