Summer has officially drawn to an end. Sad but true. The days are officially getting shorter and shorter and people tend to spend less time outside in the sun. So the question is … how do we keep that healthy summer “feeling” when winter is heading our way?

Sun and Vitamin D are key to our wellbeing. We all need sun exposure to absorb that much needed vitamin D to boost our energy, emotions, and bone formation, especially during the winter months.

Here are some tips to help Vitamin D and Your Emotions If you have a deficiency of vitamin D in your diet, you could be at a higher risk for anxiety and depression. Its no wonder we all experience some form of sad emotions when the days are dark and overcast.

Vitamin D Affects Bone Formation: Vitamin D is a vital nutrient in the bone making process. Without it, you could be at a higher risk for decreased bone strength and osteoporosis.

Vitamin D absorption from the sun: We only need about 15 minutes of direct sun exposure to absorb enough vitamin D. Unfortunately, with the colder weather we bundle up and cover our skin to hide from the cold, so spending more than 15 minutes outside each day is important.

Add Vitamin D Supplements to Day Vitamin D3 is the active form in which we most readily absorb and utilize in our bodies. When looking for vitamin D supplements, make sure to read the back label and find the source.

Take in Natural and Fortified Food Sources Natural sources include; egg yolks, saltwater fish and liver. Fortified foods often include; milk and dairy products.

Enjoy Winter Sun Events! This winter challenge yourself with some new activities to increase your exercise and sun exposure; like cross country or alpine skiing, snow-boarding and snow shoeing!