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Why Develop a Healthy Mindset for Energy?

How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I had more energy” and then followed it up with an excuse such as, “But I don’t have time/motivation/resources,” etc.? Most of us want more energy, we all crave more energy to experience fulfilling lives, but we’re constantly drained by every day stressors, packed schedules and plagued by feelings of guilt or other negative emotions because we feel like we’re not doing enough. Sound familiar? The truth is that energy isn’t something you have or don’t have – it CAN be developed and is something that you maintain consistently. It … Continue reading Why Develop a Healthy Mindset for Energy?

Importance of Recovery for Fat Loss

When you’re focusing on losing fat, your first instinct is probably to exercise more and eat differently. Both are important, but few people realize that what they do outside the gym and kitchen matters too. Your recovery routine, or lack of recovery routine, can either support your fat loss goals or interfere with them. Recovery is everything you do outside of the gym that impacts how well your body recovers from the stress of the work out. The recovery process is actually the process of gaining muscle. Workouts tear muscle, so that, during the recovery process, you can build them … Continue reading Importance of Recovery for Fat Loss

Fat Loss and Exercise: What Not to Do and What to Do Instead

If one of your goals is to lose body fat, you’ve likely tried a variety of techniques, including endless diets and different forms of exercise, to try and help you lose that fat. It can be extremely frustrating when you feel that you’ve tried everything possible and the weight just isn’t coming off. While most people benefit from combining a good quality diet and exercise, there are some important considerations to keep in mind if you’re getting stuck on your journey. What are We Getting Stuck on When it Comes to Fat Loss and Exercise? One of the key mistakes … Continue reading Fat Loss and Exercise: What Not to Do and What to Do Instead

Why Nutrition is Important for Fat Loss

Exercise is only part of the picture for fat loss. How you fuel your body in order to build muscle and bone density is much more closely linked than people have been led to believe in the past. When you aren’t eating smart, you’re losing more than just fat when you work out. Most people realize that they have to change their diet in order to lose fat. However, it can be a challenge to wade through all of the information online about how you’re supposed to eat for fat loss. Is the latest nutritional fad right for you? If … Continue reading Why Nutrition is Important for Fat Loss

The Importance of a Whole Picture Mindset for Fat Loss

For many people, it’s easy to focus on fat loss as a short-term goal without thinking about how our brain constructs ideas of our journey based on past weight loss attempts and experiences. From feeling like we’ve failed a diet to giving up on an exercise program when it doesn’t work after the first few weeks, it’s common to trick our brains into believing that our perceived failures are true and that we simply won’t be able to lose the weight we want to. Fortunately, it’s all possible – it just takes some retraining of our brain and learning to … Continue reading The Importance of a Whole Picture Mindset for Fat Loss

Your Fitness Goals vs. Your Progress

Like anything in life, your fitness goals take dedication, hard work and resilience. Most people will experience peaks and valleys while on their fitness journey, but most people stick with it for the same reasons: to feel good emotionally, physically and spiritually, while increasing self-confidence in their daily lives. Whether your focus is on eating properly, exercising on a regular basis or working on better self-care, your personal goals can differ from the results that you’re seeing. There are a number of reasons why this occurs. You need to narrow down specific questions to ask yourself to figure out exactly … Continue reading Your Fitness Goals vs. Your Progress

Find PEACE in the Struggle!

Life is a combination of every emotion under the sun. ? We live for the moments of happiness, joy, excitement, and all of the wonderful things that energize us, inspire us, and make us feel complete. But what about the tough stuff? Broken relationships, body disappointment, poor health and disease, financial struggles… I believe that some of the most powerful growth experiences of our lives will always come from our struggles. We won’t necessarily appreciate that struggle in the moment. In fact, we might hate it and wonder why something so awful is happening to us. But there’s a lesson and … Continue reading Find PEACE in the Struggle!

7 Fatal Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Fitness Coach

     Are you thinking about a healthier, fitter lifestyle? Whether you’ve never worked out before, or used to work out and stopped, regular exercise is critical to your health. If you want to create a healthier version of yourself the right way, find a qualified fitness coach. Knowing where to start can be tricky! Everyone seems to be doing something different, you read a book and it tells you to do something else. There is so much information, it’s easy to get confused! There are a lot of imitators out there, so make sure you know what to look for. … Continue reading 7 Fatal Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Fitness Coach

You Can Eat Whatever You Want!

Say WHAT⁉️⁉️ But it’s really true that you can eat what you want and still have the body you desire! Here’s the catch though… You can eat whatever you want BUT NOT whenever you want and however much you want. Yes, we’re talking about the concept of moderation. It’s not exciting or sexy, but it works…far more than any pills and powders you can swallow. I think successful moderation comes down to a few things: ▪️ Limiting your portions – 1-2 slices of pizza is fine. Half the pizza isn’t! ▪️ Making sure it’s worth it – if you’re going to eat … Continue reading You Can Eat Whatever You Want!

How to know if your DIET sucks!

First, let me clarify something. When I say the word “diet” I am simply referring to how you eat, not a specific diet plan. Though there are plenty of diets out there! And they all tend to go through phases – low fat, Adkins, Paleo, and now Keto. While I do not advocate any specific diet, I do advocate eating in a way that is sustainable for you. Ask yourself – can I do what I’m doing right now for the rest of my life? If the answer is no, it’s a bad sign for things ahead. Here are some … Continue reading How to know if your DIET sucks!