Congratulations Beach Body Challenge enthusiasts on making a commitment to create some changes in your life and to be a healthier and more vibrant you! At this point, you should all be well on your way to following both the nutrition and exercise plan. With your shopping list in hand, you have now gone to the grocery store and stocked up your fridge and pantry with some yummy healthy selections. You have posted that menu plan on the fridge and started to track your meals and beverages. You are not skipping meals, you are eating regularly, and you are staying focused – right? Above all you are totally kicking butt in all of your daily exercise assignments and know that if you work hard it will pay off. YOU ARE DOING THIS FOR YOU – because YOU LOVE YOURSELF and YOU DESERVE IT!

So, things to keep in mind this week…make sure you are drinking enough water and staying hydrated. More activity and the warmer weather outside (okay maybe not so much today) means drinking MORE WATER. Also, let’s talk about being organized. The only way to follow a plan is to stay on top of it. Taking time in your week to pre-chop some vegetables, cook a few extra chicken breasts or even doubling recipes and freezing for next week (or even better – for when the challenge is complete but you want to still keep on track). Remember that making time for these simple steps, is making time for you and your goals.

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