We’ve all been there. That point where you are trying to pick yourself up, pull it together and get inspired to walk out the door for a much needed workout but those dreaded voices in your head keep talking:

“But I am so out of shape. Where do I start?!”
“I don’t have the energy right now..”
“I need to get a playlist together first to really pump me up! Then I’ll be good to go”
“My workout buddy is away…. “
“I have Way too much to do.. who has time for that right now?!”
“I will start right after…. (insert life event here)”
“I need to lose weight first. I don’t to be the ‘fat, out of shape girl’ in the room”

Sound familiar? Yup. Even to me!
I have to say those crazy words pop into my mind from time to time. It’s that little devil inside trying to beat our health down and keep us stuck where we are.

You know what the difference is between people who get what they want versus people who just think about it?

They CHOOSE differently. They GET GOING.

The SHUT OFF the darn tape, STOP Riding the Fitness roller coaster and get on a new ride.

“The first step to getting what you want is getting RID of what you don’t want and that would be all those excuses tying you down.”

If you can just STOP the tape for a moment and hit pause you would realize that it’s all just head trash. Any time you start one thing and find yourself stopping, it’s almost always self imposed head trash that gets us there. You have a choice to listen to it or shut off the tape and play a new one.

That’s my CHALLENGE to you. Start playing a new tape. Because really…
You CAN have it and you DESERVE it!

Want to get moving and create something new for yourself?
Whether you are starting from scratch or are already fit and want to elevate your fitness or maybe there are just things and behaviours in your life that are not serving your vision of yourself. Do this exercise.

1. Repeat 5 times out loud:

“The first step to getting what I want is getting RID of what I don’t want and that would be all those excuses tying ME down.”

2. Get out a Piece of Paper and Write Down:
It’s time to make a list. Make a list of all the things you DON’T want anymore on the left side of the page. This could be habits, feelings or physical things. Basically your long list of excuses.

Draw a line down the middle as a CLEAR distinction between the two sides. On the RIGHT side next to each excuse, pick one small tweak or action you can make towards what you DO want. Make sure it’s something you can do. It’s got to be realistic, manageable and actionable this week!

3. CHOOSE. This is a big one. So many people think they have made a decision to change but then say “I will start next week”. THAT is B.S. That means you have decided not to do it. If you truly decided to make a change, it starts now.
(More on this in next week’s blog but for now, get honest with yourself!)
Once you make the choice, you commit to action.

4. Start Acting on the Right Side of the list. It is super important that you take action right away. The longer you wait, the higher your chances of not starting and not sticking to it are! Start today with at least 1-2 things on the list. If that means you are going for a 10 minute walk at lunch instead of driving through Starbucks, start there. ACTION breeds confidence. The more small actions you take, the bigger the confidence muscles become and the more you start to believe you CAN make the changes!

Would love to hear from you guys and what’s on your list! Please comment and share with me:) As you do, you inspire others. We are all on this journey together.

Here’s to you… Making CHANGES!

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