Is your MIND RACING all the time? Wish you could shut it off?

You are a reflection of who you spend time with Do you find you run out of ‘gas’ fast on cardio activities?

Would you love to increase energy, improve your performance and recover faster during workouts?

Chances are you are not tapping into your full lung capacity and you have trained yourself to be shallow chest breather. This is a very common problem we see in clients when they are starting an exercise program. They come in for an assessment and their neck, shoulder and upper back are SO tense from carrying around all this (self induced) stress!!

In addition, the minute they start to do any cardio, they run out of breath really fast because they are breathing small, shallow breaths in a tight space. This affects their performance, ability to move with ease through many exercises and their ability to recover fast between sets or stressors.

Why does this happen? 

Well, there could be many reasons, however, one thing we want to address and look into right away is our body’s way of holding onto tension/stress. We don’t often realize it but when we have thoughts circling in our head non stop from a racing mind it affects our physiological makeup and completely changes our ability to function at our best.

Often these thoughts we entertain are about things we don’t even have any control over, but you know – we are control freaks so we have to obsess about everything! 

As a result of this underlying tension, our bodies perceive that as a threat to survival and react by tensing up muscles or getting them ready for the “fight”. Tight muscles prevent the rib cage from fully expanding to allow a full belly breath to come in and all of a sudden our breaths get shorter, shallower and faster.

“We are all born with the same number of breaths. Some of us just go through them faster than others”.

Hmmm think about it. Have you ever watched a baby or small child breathe? Do you notice how much their belly rises and falls? We are meant to breathe the same way.

One method to work on this is to intentionally take time to practice Belly Breathing which is great for:

  1. Clearing your mind from mindless, useless chatter.
  2. Allowing your body some time to fully relax and just be.
  3. Retrain that deep diaphragmatic belly breathing that nature intends for us.
  4. Infusing your body with ENERGY, LIFE and oxygen. 

You may feel more relaxed. You may feel more energized. You may feel lighter. Maybe all three and more.

This week’s video was actually taken straight out of our current 21 Day RESET Challenge where we combine a weekly wellness practice with a sugar free, dairy free and wheat free diet so that we can really tune in to how wonderful it feels to have a quiet, flat belly and nourish our minds at the same time.  So my gift to you is for you to watch this video, and even if you are not on the challenge, take the time to incorporate this breathing practice into your day or week.