28 DAY HIT CHALLENGE IS COMING!!! Are you ready to start 2015 off with a bang!? Are you ready to make a change!? This is a great start for you! Kick off is January 17th! The Challenge includes: 20 HIT Work Outs 28 Day Eating Plan Weekly Nutrition Check ins Body Comp Before and After For more details on our 2015 HIT Challenge Please Click HERE !


Progress is a “Crooked Line” How we measure “success” can be a tricky thing. Many clients come to us to lose the weight that is holding them down, making them sick and causing them frustration. At the beginning of the program they are super excited, alert and ready to go. Like sponges they try to absorb the information and are diligent about keeping up a food journal or booking in training sessions. Its’ absolutely great. Armed with a clear outline of what their end goal is they are ready to follow the instructions and get to work! WHAT is the … Continue reading A WORD WITH CHRISTINE LINE


What’s Happening in the Studio this Month! FIT EVENT: It’s an “Outdoor Survival Workshop” with Hike / Tobogganing and Hot Chocolate! What: Join us for a fun hike outside while you learn how to “Survive” in the wild. Learn how to look for and create quick shelter, build a fire and what you can eat/drink to stay alive. We are going to be led by John Williams, Retired US Military Corp, Fellow of the Explorers Club, Avid Outdoorsman and all around great guy as he walks us through simple steps we can all take if we ever get lost or … Continue reading FEBRUARY FIT EVENTS, WORKSHOPS AND NEWS!


Are you ready to start the year off right? Join us at our wellness summit January 22nd @ 6pm, located at St. Thomas Church in Waterdown. GREAT things are coming your way! 4 Awesome speakers on healthy finances, mental health, your gut, lastly health and fitness in general. We will also have amazing prizes worth thousands of dollars….which means loads of fun! All for a great cause

10 Things Truly “FIT” & Healthy People DONT do!

#1 They don’t blame other people for what they eat: They know they are responsible for what goes in their mouth. Doesn’t mean they always make the right choice but they do know they, and only they are the ones responsible for what they eat at the end of the day. Let’s be clear here: unless you are incapable of feeding yourself you are the one putting the fork in your mouth – not your mom, your dad, your spouse or your three year old. Healthy people take personal responsibility for making sure that quality food goes in so that … Continue reading 10 Things Truly “FIT” & Healthy People DONT do!