Yeah yeah…  I know Mother’s Day was yesterday but I am posting this today on purpose in case you have already jumped back into the swing of things and didn’t savour the moment. 

Are you still celebrating your worth and value? For all our mom’s and beautiful women who don’t take the time to honour themselves often enough please listen to this video message from me, accept the gift and take my challenge. 

Did you know? You are simply amazing. 

Whether you’ve carried a child, cared for a child that you love like your own, or even if you’re a mother to fur creatures, you’ve put others before yourself over and over again. Funny – it’s so easy to do that isn’t it?

You’ve chosen to be present enough to care for the needs of others…in the middle of the night, on vacations and holidays, and when you’ve been sick.

You’re probably also hard on yourself and maybe even overly critical. Moms can lose themselves in the care of others.

I want to remind you today, on Mother’s Day, how incredibly valuable YOU are. It’s easy to invest in others and celebrate others – but do you invest in yourself and celebrate your successes and contribution enough?

If you’re currently working with us here at Push!FIT Studio we want you to know how much we value you! You’re doing amazing things for yourself and for your family by committing to health and self care. I know first hand how different I am as a mom, partner, leader when I take care of my health first. It really is the first measure of success for me.

If you’re not currently training with us, we’d love to give you a little gift.

First off I would like you to watch this video and take the time to do this SIMPLE yet incredibly powerful exercise that has really changed my life and continues to create momentum in so many of my clients lives.

Secondly, we’re inviting you in for a free session this week to use by Sunday, May 20th.

Just shoot us a message at and let us know you want in, and we’ll be in touch ASAP for scheduling! ☺

If you’re already training with us or you know a mom who needs a little self-care time, forward this video message to her so she can do this simple yet powerful exercise and so we can take care of hers as well. ☺

PLEASE Share, comment or like this so we can get more women practicing positive self talk. It’s a trickle effect. AND I would love to hear what your top 3 things are on your list. Comment below and let me know!

Again, Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for everything you do – but most importantly… WHO you are. 

– Christine Line

Christine Line