Chillout Breathing or Meditation (Quiet Time)

I was going through some photos and ran across this great shot taken last year when I visited the Grand Canyon. AMAZING is all I can say about how I felt. It inspired me to share with you my love for deep breathing and how wonderful it feels to be in touch with your mind and body, empowered and relaxed at the same time.

Here is a simple “chillout” practice you can do at home if you have 10 minutes. The results over time are amazing.

Remember… new habits take time so start slow and be patient. Make it a habit to set aside time daily. You can start in any calm place or play soothing music to help you relax. Over time you will find yourself breathing deeper and tapping into so much free energy that is available to you. Ditch the coffee and enjoy!

Practice the Three Part Breath (Yoga)*

  • Sit or lay in a comfortable position
  • Begin by observing your natural breath, try to relax and let thoughts go
  • Begin to inhale deeply through the nose (place hand on belly) and feel your belly rise
  • Exhale, expelling all the air out from the belly as you draw your belly towards you lower back (Repeat 5x)
  • Continue with deep inhales but this time go deeper and draw the ribcage up causing the ribcage to widen.
  • On exhale let ribcage lower and slide together, then release the belly and draw navel in towards the spine (Repeat 5x)
  • Continue to breathe deeply and move into last phase. On inhale fill the belly, lift and expand the ribcage and go deeper letting your breath fill the upper chest all the way to a rising collarbone.
  • Expand and rise.
  • On exhale let chest and collarbone release first, then ribcage and lastly the belly drawing the navel in toward the spine.
  • Congrats! You are now FULLY BREATHING LIFE ENERGY!
  • Repeat 5-10x

** NOTE – Often people say they have a hard time working from the bottom up as outlined in this three part breath. If this breathing practice is making you anxious, reverse the order starting to fill from the top down and then releasing from the bottom up as outlined above. The goal is for you to fill your lungs, increase oxygen and chill.

** Breathing fully may initially cause lightheadedness or dizziness because you are retraining your system. Take your time and as you continue to practice proper healthy breathing this will come more naturally to you and you will enjoy the benefits of this great energy!