Good morning! I know it’s Saturday but I am super excited about the week ahead and to be sharing this morning with you. Funny I think that’s how we start most weeks – me saying “I am super excited about…”. I hope you don’t mind me repeating that over and over again but it is absolutely true. I AM ‘super excited’! Excited about waking up, enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, reading and getting an awesome energizing workout in. I am excited to talk to you, meet new people and bring on new experiences every single week. Where does that come from??

I know that energy comes from being in a place of feeling ALIVE. Feeling energized and fueled and that comes straight from loving and caring for my body. By feeding myself with food that nourishes me, I don’t feel sluggish, heavy and uncomfortable. By moving my body daily with purpose and breaking a SWEAT every day, I feel stronger, more focused and able to accomplish great things. Having a strong, agile body is such a gift – one that too many people take for granted! The good news is that you have SO much control over this. And finally, each day starts with positive affirmations, prayer (or meditation) and a reminder to myself of WHY I am here and what I am working towards. This “frames” my day.

How are you feeling today? Are you super excited to tackle and conquer the day or are you just trying to get through another one? My desire for you is to see you living and enjoying your life in a BODY that you love. A pain free, strong, lean body that can do anything.

How do you get there? COMMIT. Commit to your health. Right now, acknowledge that without a strong, healthy body you are limited. Your energy is limited. Your experiences are limited. Your joy is limited. Your confidence is limited. Decide today to make the shift. It can be scary but what’s worse is not doing it. The other day was a beautiful reminder of this for me. I was lucky enough to enjoy an awesome mountain bike ride in the trails and there were lots of moments where I was totally scared but the one thing that stuck with me was… Just commit darn it! Not surprisingly once I did, the bike just flowed. It’s kinda like that with health. Commit and let it flow. The ride is so sweet!!