The Whole Picture – Episode 1: Mindset for Fat Loss!

It’s our first episode of the Whole Picture and this week we are talking about what’s between the ears when it comes to FAT LOSS!

Check out the video below for Episode 1: The Whole Picture – Do you have the RIGHT Mindset for true lasting fat loss?

If you don’t have time to watch the video, here are the key points I hope you takeaway from this lesson:

1. You are NOT your pattern! The pattern you’ve adopted, your old operating system, is not you and not your future. What you do, is NOT who you are.

2. Identify your PAIN and WHY you want to MOVE away from it. The PAIN is the push that gets you started but the PULL of WHY you want to fix it, is what will take you to the next level for longterm fat loss. The pain and why (your dream) need to be strong enough to PUSH you to action and PULL you to propel you forward!

3. Commit to LONG-TERM success – break through that short term fix mentality! Embrace the longterm view of where you want to go. The shift in mindset needs to be that you will do this for life, not for the next 30/ 90 days. Ask yourself- is this something that I could see myself doing for the next year? It must be something you can stick to!

Where are you at? I would love to hear back from you.