I want to ask you- if your best self was to show up today at at home, at work, in your workout, with your clients, with your teams… what would that look like?

What would the best version of yourself look like?

What would you be doing?

What would you say in the next conversation?

How would you behave differently?

What would you DO if you weren’t scared to show up as your truly are and just let the best of you pour out?

Think about it… That would be pretty awesome 🙂 🙂

Doesn’t it feel so liberating to just think about it?

Maybe it’s a little scary too and that is the great part. It takes courage and being really aligned with ourselves to show up and not worry about others expectations of us or what they think. To act completely congruently with what we believe to be true. In that space, we know our worth and it’s ok if we don’t get approval from everyone else because we finally get approval from ourselves.

Why am I talking about this?

I am talking about it because I am passionate about the BIG PICTURE. About helping you tune in and really recognize what the BEST formula is for YOU when it comes to your fitness, your health, your lifestyle…. that’s your ‘secret sauce’ or ‘sweet spot’.

Health is about more than just working out (although breaking a sweat feels sooooo good!).

Health is about more than following the perfect diet (although eating clean transfers way beyond weight).

It’s funny you can eat all the perfect whole food you want and still be unsatisfied and starved emotionally.

Health is about LIFE. It’s about the BIG picture.

That BIG picture is how we nourish our bodies, how we show up in our relationships, how we share our passions with the world, how we move intentionally, connect spiritually and what we create around us.

Once we GET THIS, the magic really happens!

So today I want to challenge you with these questions and ask you to dig a little.

1) What has your definition of health been?

2) Do you KNOW what your ‘sweet spot is’ when it comes to training, eating and lifestyle choices? What I mean is, right now in this moment how much exercise do you need to feel awesome? What type? What foods are working for you? Making you feel energized and mentally clear? What habits are ‘non negotiable’ for you to feel great?

3) What area of your life do you need to draw more intention to, that if you do so it will pour over into other areas of your life?

As I wrap up I just want to invite you to explore the next level for yourself.

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As I did earlier.. I want to ask you again >> if your best self was to show up today at at home, at work, in your workout, with your clients, with your teams… what would that look like? Are you there?

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Until next time – keep focusing on the BIG picture, push! yourself and OWN your awesome journey!