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If one of your goals is to lose body fat, you’ve likely tried a variety of techniques, including endless diets and different forms of exercise, to try and help you lose that fat. It can be extremely frustrating when you feel that you’ve tried everything possible and the weight just isn’t coming off.

While most people benefit from combining a good quality diet and exercise, there are some important considerations to keep in mind if you’re getting stuck on your journey.

What are We Getting Stuck on When it Comes to Fat Loss and Exercise?

One of the key mistakes people make when they’re trying to lose fat is long duration cardio training. This includes extensive amounts of time spent on the treadmill, with the impression that the longer they walk or sprint, the more fat they’ll burn. Another mistake is not knowing the proper intensity they should be doing in order for their activity to be effective.

Alternatively, consider doing shorter intervals of cardio, walking or running, which is much safer and continues to affect your metabolic rate even after your workout (in other words, you keep burning fat long after you’ve exercised). Examples of this include HIIT training, interval training, sprints, and fartleks, which all get your heart rate up quickly into that aerobic state.

Remember that endurance creates carb cravings and long workouts can actually impede your muscle gains (it can actually break down muscle rather than build it!). In this way, you should concentrate on going anaerobic for fat loss.

What Can You Do to Maximize Your Workouts for Fat Loss?

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What else can we focus on with our workouts and programs to ensure that we lose fat? One of the first things is to watch for and correct any posture issues, especially if you have any injuries, to help prevent any further issues while working out. This includes properly engaging your core to ensure that you stay safe.

When choosing weights and the amount of reps or different types of exercises you want to do, also keep in mind that you must have perfect form before you start pushing yourself further. As you perfect your form, you can start to move up to the next weight class and continue to challenge yourself. Additionally, 8-12 reps are ideal for fat loss – anything higher than that may cause excess fatigue, injury or undue stress.

How Many Times a Week Should You Work Out for Fat Loss?

One of the biggest questions people have is how many times they should work out a week in order to lose body fat. Every day? Twice a week? What is the recommended amount?

Well, that all depends on your own body – listen to it! If you’re still sore from your last workout, exercising every day can cause muscle breakdown, fatigue, and eventually may cause injury. We recommend a minimum of three days per week for effective fat loss, to stay strong and avoid injury.

Overall, exercising for fat loss involves reducing your long-distance cardio and instead going out of your comfort zone to really challenge yourself with short interval exercises using proper form. Remember that everyone is different but to aim for at least three days a week in the gym to maximize your fat loss.

Check out our video for more tips for fat loss and how you can make your exercise more effective!

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