Foam Rolling is an AMAZING additional to every workout routine. By using a foam roller to roll out trigger point and lengthen fascia you are able to effectively provide your muscles with Self Myofascial Release which will help relieve pain and prevent injury.

You can use foam rolling techniques before your workouts as part of your warm up in order to lengthen tight areas and prep your muscles. It can also be used during your workouts to balance our tight or weaker areas and post workout to stretch and speed up your recovery time. If you aren’t in the gym you can still benefit from foam rolling as a stretch and release program and it only takes 20 minutes.

Try out these great leg exercises below and start feeling the benefits of foam rolling:

IT Band – Outer Leg:

What: IT Band – Outer leg

Why: To assist in easing lateral knee pain

How: Often very tender and tight! (1) Side laying. Use arms to help release and manage tension. Use two legs for more pressure. (2) Roll from bottom of pelvis to mid thigh and then from top of knee to top of thigh.

Glute Med/Min and TFL (Tensor Fascia Latae):

What: Upper Leg/Hip/Buttocks

Why: Excessive tightness in these areas can lead to hip and knee imbalances. Tight TFL can put excessive strain on IT band which in turn can manifest as lateral knee pain.

How: Side lying over roller with top hand and leg on floor in front of you. (1) Start at top of hip slightly turned inward. This will roll your TFL. Gently move up and down the area lengthening as you breathe. (2) Turn body sideways and begin at the glute medius (top of outer butt) Repeat same as above.

Quads – Thigh:

What: Upper Front Thigh

Why: Tight quads often result in anterior knee pain (front of knee) Often a result of dysfunctional glutes or psoas muscles.

How: Make sure to roll on three key sides – Vastus Lateralis (outside meaty part), Rectus Femoris (Major frontof thigh), and Vastus Medialis (inside above knee)


What: Inner Thigh

Why: Tightness hear may result in anterior knee pain and dysfunctional glutes.

How: Prone with roller working inner thigh.


Back of the Thigh

Why: Tightness can manifest as anterior knee pain or easy pull sand strains in tight areas. Sitting can cause tight hamstrings. Other cause is weak quads and tight hamstrings

How: Sitting start at insertion near glute. Put one leg on top of the other for added pressure.

Glute Max:

What: Buttocks

Why: Often linked to sciatic pain (Piriformis or IT related), Lowerback pain/sacrum and at base of glutes/top of hamstrings.

How: Sitting on Roller


What: Lower Leg

Why: Tightness can produce pain in anterior or posterior knee or in affected area.

How: From sitting position roller at base of achilles and work up towards back of knee.*Adjust pressure w single/double leg