Starting a new program or new experience is exciting but it can be daunting and overwhelming at times. You don’t always know what you are getting yourself into with high hopes that things will just skyrocket you to your end goal (Which you will crush by the way if you follow these principles). You come to your first workout unsure and wondering….

What should I wear? What should I eat before I go? What if I don’t make it through? I will agree that the first workout can be tough but pace yourself and you will be just fine. It’s after that workout when you are feeling the muscle soreness that comes when you haven’t moved your body with intensity for a while that you need to remember this stuff! It’s after you’ve been training, had amazing results and hit a little speed bump that you need to remember this stuff!

We have had such an influx of new faces lately joining our push!FIT community that I thought it was the perfect time to put these principles out there for you guys as well as for our veteran “lifestylers” whom we dearly love. Many of you have now ingrained these principles into your daily life and that is exactly why you are here years later; full of energy, focus and accomplishing new feats. Love you guys! Stick to the principles and the results will be yours because this is the lifestyle switch we are talking about!


PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Even with help you must take responsibility for your own success. No one can push your own buttons better than yourself. No one is forcing you to do anything. You determine your thoughts, actions and results.

COMMIT TO RESULTS: With every action you have the power to move closer to your goals or to move further away from them. Your choice. Make a good one.

MASTER THE BASICS: Eat good, clean food that comes from the earth, not a factory. Show up for your sessions on time and ready to go. Learn the basic movement patterns and master them. They are all you need. Don’t worry about perfection. Worry about improving daily. PRACTICE PATIENCE – START WHERE YOU ARE WITH WHAT YOU HAVE: You didn’t get to where you are today overnight so don’t pressure yourself to get 100% results overnight either. Make the right choices daily and the results WILL come.

FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! We offer you guidelines, programs and plans of action for a reason. We are experts in our field with 20+ years of industry experience. Once you commit to the program, Follow the instructions! Its that simple.

HAVE COURAGE.PRACTICE FAITH: YOU CAN DO THIS: You are not alone. We have helped 100s of people achieve the body they have always wanted using simple but effective methods. We know you CAN do this… so don’t sell yourself short and think you are an exception to the rule. Get rid of your head trash.

MINDSET IS EVERYTHING: Get rid of your head trash and stop being ruled by your “Feelings”. Be honest with yourself about your behaviour and roadblocks that are holding you back and then get to work to re-program that mind! What you think is what you do and that determines your results so if you want different results, start with a different head space. YOU BECOME what you BELIEVE you are. COMMUNICATE: You hired a coach for a reason. Reach out to us and lean on us! If you are struggling, THAT is exactly when you need to reach out more.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS IN OUR COMMUNITY: Successful people don’t go after a goal alone. They surround themselves with like minded individuals and change their habits in the process. SHARE your story, successes and challenges with others. We have tons of opportunities for you to get involved in our community. JOIN our Facebook group and come out to FITevents.

You Gotta CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSES: It’s important to have lots of measures of success for yourself. This is about changing and Living your LIFE with intention. So celebrate more than just weight loss. Celebrate movement, performance, relationships, and new lifestyle habits.

If you aren’t here yet, don’t worry about it and don’t overthink it. Just start following the principles. Every time you question yourself get back to this list! In the meantime if you don’t have a coach, this is what it’s all about. Reach out to us and let us help you reach your health and fitness goals.