“Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food.”


You know that feeling when you discover something that just CHANGES your world? All of a sudden everything that seemed so complicated, difficult or confusing becomes so much more achievable and exciting. I am super lucky to honestly say I feel like that on a daily basis. I absolutely LOVE my work – I love hearing the stories from clients who are reducing and coming off medications, becoming stronger and more able to do the things they enjoy. I love seeing the colour in their faces changes, their skin become clearer, their bodies leaner, stronger and more agile. It is such a great experience and I am so passionate about reaching and teaching more people how they can THRIVE – not just survive.

Too many people are JUST GETTING BY. They are surviving each day but never really feeling ALIVE.

Right now I am spending a lot of my time researching, learning and developing our nutrition and lifestyle programs. Each day as I learn something new I am in awe of how FOOD is truly medicine for our bodies.

Every time we eat or drink, we are either PAYING ourselves – we are either fighting disease or
COSTING ourselves and feeding disease. It may not show up today but eventually what we feed, grows.

Did you get that? Read it again. Slowly. Let is really sink in. Think about it.

I want to challenge you today to write a paragraph about your relationship with food. What do you think about it? Are you always worried about what you are eating? Is it fattening? Will this make me lose weight? Do you hear yourself constantly saying “that was good or that was bad”? I was good, I was bad… Do you struggle with emotional eating?

I want to challenge you to CHANGE your thinking around food. This was a pivotal moment for me. The day is SHIFTED my thinking from food as being either fattening or not to food being a MEDICINE, FUEL and PAYMENT towards my health – everything changed.

I enjoyed it so much more. I started wanting to explore new foods, new recipes and new CLEAN options so I could fully thrive and perform my best at sport, at work and with my family.

This is an ongoing process but one I am constantly working on. I VALUE my life. I want to live a long time, see a lot of really amazing places and I want to be able to do that with the people I love. And that means I need to be thriving.

This week I want to share with you this concept that everything you eat is either PAYING you or COSTING you. At the end of the day, if you make more nutritional deposits into your account, you will feel alive, healthier and happier.

If you continue to make withdrawals it’s only a matter of time before you run a deficit. And as we all know – you can only run a deficit for so long before we get into real trouble! That doesn’t mean you never make a withdrawal! Some times it’s ok to have that great piece of chocolate or glass of wine. The GOAL is that you continue to make more nutritional deposits than withdrawals.

So – take a look at the list of foods that PAY vs Foods that COST. What are you filling your body with? Are you happy with what this looks like? If you aren’t sure, print out a food journal and log your intake for a week.

If you want to start THRIVING, start filling your body with nutritional deposits and crowd out those foods that cost you.

Here are 3 action steps you can take today to start THRIVING:

1. Write out a paragraph about your relationship with food? How do you view food?
2. Think about 1-2 things on the COST list you can reduce this week.
3. Think about 1-2 things on the PAY list you can ADD in this week. Get creative and make a big bowl.

Try a new recipe and make this a staple in your diet.

Download: Food Journal

Each week continue to challenge yourself to grow and make more deposits!


– DARK LEAFY GREENS – High in magnesium, a mineral that relaxes tension in the body and also helps to lower blood pressure. Also, rich in vitamin A – a key antioxidant

– VITAMIN C RICH KIWI FRUIT- A great immune booster. Double the vitamin C than an orange. This vitamin helps to support the adrenals and reduce
cortisol levels

– RAW ALMONDS – A powerhouse for B vitamins, magnesium and vitamin E. This is the perfect combination for an anti-stress formula

– RAW PUMPKIN SEEDS! – Full of the amino acid Tryptophan that converts to serotonin in the brain – your happy hormone!

– RED, YELLOW AND ORANGE BELL PEPPERS! – Rich in vitamin A, C & folate. These help to give you more energy and repair cell damage caused by stress

– SALMON (or other wild fish) – Omega 3 fat has proven to improve mood and mental focus. Also, high in zinc – another beneficial antioxidant

– GRASS Fed, Free Range MEAT & POULTRY – A major source of B vitamins to help combat stress. This complete protein also boosts energy levels and keeps blood sugar levels balanced, help support our immune system and deal with stress. Plus the fruits inherent

– BLUEBERRIES, RASPBERRIES & GOJI BERRIES – Rich in antioxidants that fiber (from the skins) helps to feed our healthy bacteria and provide further immune defense


EAT LESS OF foods that zap your energy and“COST” you – your body has to work overtime to process, digest and eliminate them.

– SUGAR – Rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels stress out our adrenal glands; sugar also depletes our body of our valuable B vitamins and fails to replenish our bodies with any nutrients to restore us

– CAFFEINE – This puts our body into fight or flight mode and keeps our adrenal system running on overtime

– FLOUR – Once digested, this product turns into glucose in the body. As a result, it has much of the same effect as sugar, causing blood sugar imbalances and cravings for sugar. Furthermore, flour depletes our body of B vitamins leaving us at a deficit and unable to deal with stress internally

– WHITE PROCESSED TABLE SALT- Sodium levels are important for adrenal function but not all salt is created equally. White table salt can be responsible for high blood pressure, therefore putting our body under stress. Replacing with sea salt which can provide better nutrients and minimizing intake are more beneficial for your adrenal glands

– DAIRY – These products also convert into glucose in the body and can wreak havoc on our blood sugar levels (particularly the fat free or non fat variety) if over consumed. This can also be a common food sensitivity and once eliminated has proven to decrease adrenal fatigue symptoms

– ALCOHOL – Another common stimulant of the adrenal system. It is an extremely refined form of sugar that causes the roller coaster effect on our blood sugar levels. This becomes very taxing on our adrenals eventually wearing them out

*Here is a little note! Avoid foods you are generally sensitive to. This creates inflammation in the body resulting in a stressed out digestive system which can lead to further complications and chronic health issues!

Still unsure about your eating habits and how to curve those nasty cravings? Book a nutrition consult and we can make a plan that’s specific to you!

Thrive On!

Christine Line