What is STANDING in the way between where you ARE and where you WANT to be?

Get over it already What I mean is… do you know what you want for yourself when it comes to your overall health, fitness, performance – your life… in 10 or 20 years? Based on that, can I ask… do you have a plan on how you will get there?

No matter where you are today, I believe there is a next level for you. 
A next level to your health and performance. 
A next level of fitness in your game. 
Freedom to move without limitations or pain.
A next level to say YES! to more things. 
A next level to your mental focus, energy and clarity.

What would it be for you? What’s missing?

As I was reading today, I came across these 8 Growth Gap Traps presented by John Maxwell and they resonated so much with me (and our journey to health) that I wanted to share them with you. So – just to be clear- I would love to take credit for these but they are straight out of the “15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”, by John C Maxwell. 

I am simply re-purposing them and adding my own twist as I have faced them with myself and with clients along our journey to becoming stronger, leaner, happier, healthier and more confident.


I will call them gaps. They could also be cracks. Small ones that if unattended become canyons to getting to where you want to be. We have all been stuck in one of these, even revisiting them often.

As you read through them right now I want you to ask yourself, “What gap am I stuck in now”? Then once you are aware, get bold about taking action to move on outta there!

1. The Assumption Gap – “I assume I will automatically get healthy or stay healthy over time”

Um. Sorry. No. Have you looked around? This is a dangerous assumption and can get us not only stuck still but stuck in a backslide fast. As we age, things start to break down, not build up. We lose lean mass, require longer to recover and experience energy dips. What you could get away with when you were in your 20’s doesn’t apply anymore. At some point you will either choose to take control of your health or your health takes control of you. Where are you at? Still assuming it will all work itself out?

2. The KNOWLEDGE Gap – “ I don’t know WHAT do do, How to do it, Where to start….” 

If you feel like what you have been doing isn’t working or you’ve tried and tried different things on your own, maybe it’s time to reach out. There’s unlimited resources available to get educated. Lean on a coach that you can trust to guide you if you feel overwhelmed. A great coach will simplify the knowledge and break it down into digestible and actionable steps you can move on. I also want to note here that knowledge is important, but it’s only about 20% of getting results. 80% is what you DO with that knowledge. Apply that knowledge to change your behaviour and you are 80% of the way there.

3. The TIMING Gap – “It’s just not a good time. I will do it later” “My life is too busy to (insert high quality excuse here:))"

I talk about this one a lot because I hear it a lot. Yes, there are many things that we could and potentially should say “no” to more often. But remember, every time you say ‘yes’ to something, you are saying ‘no’ to something else. Life IS life. It will continue to happen regardless of you. Circumstances, challenges and opportunities will keep coming. Are you hiding behind this one? Is your hierarchy of priorities in order?

4. The MISTAKE Gap – “What if I screw up?”

Changing requires …. change. That means it may get messy, you may hit a plateau and have to reconfigure things. You may even fail at a few things. But that is the PRICE of improvement. If you never fail, you will never learn. If you never try that new move, that bigger box jump, that new adventure that requires guts, that next level of performance – you are guaranteed to stay the same. Get over it and know that this IS the way to your peak!  You will recall those moments of failure as the critical moments that launched you forward!’

5. The PERFECTION Gap – “I have to find the BEST way before I get started”

This could also be known as analysis paralysis. We get so bogged down in trying to have everything just right. Get the information you need to make a decision that feels right and  then CHOOSE. Move forward and have a little faith! It will never be perfect, but it will be really, really good. I promise. 

6. The INSPIRATION Gap – “I am not motivated to do it…”

Wow. I hear this one a lot. I get it. I have been there – like daily. This morning I was right there as I was lacing up my shoes for my morning run. I knew it would feel great during and after, I just wasn’t motivate to get going.
As I sat down to write this blog I was there. It’s sunny and hot outside! I want to go swimming 🙂
But guess what? Now I am so excited to share this with you my fingers are flying on the keyboard and I’ve got great vibes playing in the background! 

This is an area I have struggled with a lot so I can truly say I have to be really intentional to focus, not on how I feel before I take action, but to act in spite of my feelings. ACT first and then be THRILLED as the surge of motivation takes hold of you!

Motivation comes from momentum so next time you feel lacking in inspiration, focus on creating some momentum first.  JUST. DO. IT. 

7. The COMPARISON Gap – “I am not as good as…. not as talented as… doesn’t come easy to me like…”

Yikes. I can REALLY relate to this one. Been there, continue to get sucked in every once in a while but the faster you can catch yourself and pull yourself out of it, the faster we get moving forward. No one can move ahead swiftly looking sideways! You might crash a few times.  Instead of focusing on what you’re not compared to others, how about getting comfortable outside of your comfort zone and connecting with those that are ahead of you?

And this is a great reminder. I have discovered that many people ahead of me in athletics, in business, in finance, in their spiritual walk were more than willing and honoured to share their experiences with me. 

What always brings me back is that when I hear those stories, I recognize I am where they once were. They are stories of making mistakes, taking action without necessarily having it perfect, not knowing if it was the right time (but doing it anyway!)…. basically all these things we are talking about today. 

8. The EXPECTATION Gap – “I thought it was going to be EASIER than this…”

And this is where many of us stop because we get discouraged. It’s such an easy trap. this is probably the one spot I get stuck in the most. I have high expectations of myself and others. And that can often leave me feeling frustrated that things are not coming to me as quickly as I would like. 

I learned this a lot over the past few years as I was picking up mountain biking. I was fit and strong so why did I keep feeling slow and awkward compared to everyone? I did a great job of beating myself up about it… (I forgot that most of the people I was riding with had been riding for 20+ years).  Now nearly 4 years later I am just getting comfortable enough to head out on the trails alone and push my next level of comfort with an off road race. 

It happens in fitness, it happens in business, it happens in parenting. We expect things to come naturally and then we have to put in more work, more time and more energy in order to get the return. The reality is that is the reality. And it is so wonderfully perfect and rewarding! 

So. Now that we’ve uncovered those 8 Gaps, where are you? Where do you need to be more intentional and push through? 

I would LOVE to hear from you. Reading your comments and questions always inspires me. As always if you enjoyed this article, please hit share and spread the good vibes with friends on Facebook, Twitter or your social media feeds!

Here’s to rocking your body and your life! 
– Christine Line

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Resource: 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John C Maxwell