Did you know that some of the most elite golfers on the PGA Tour have established their own strength and conditioning programs with a personal trainer? Due to the success of Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam, golf’s popularity is at an all time high. Golf has become extremely competitive and as golfers search for ways to improve their game, golf strength and conditioning programs are becoming extremely popular.

Would you like to drop 5–10 strokes off your game? Establishing a successful program to improve your game is the key to how well you place your next ball in the fairway. The help of a fitness trainer may likely be the best way to find a program that suits your game. Although experience and knowledge of the game are helpful, getting your body in the best physical shape possible will undoubtedly improve your game. Personal trainers don’t have to be skilled golfers but they should be trained on how to design a golf conditioning program for a golfer. They must not only be familiar with what muscles are used in the golf swing but also be trained in overall golf-specific conditioning.

What can you do physically to improve your golf swing?

  • Increase muscular strength – 5 mph can increase your drive by 40-50 yards.
  • Improve muscular control – a weak link can decrease drive by 20 to 30 yards
  • Increase endurance – increase power and consistency, decrease fatigue and recovery time
  • Improve your balance
  • Increase your flexibility – create more “coil” or torque to generate more power
  • Prevent injury by developing well stabilized limbs, joints, and a strong core.

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