I may not be perfect, but parts of me are pretty AWESOME.

Good Morning!

Today I am going to keep things short and sweet. I simply want to remind you to ditch the need for perfection and celebrate the pretty darn awesome parts about you.

As I always share what I love most about my work is hearing YOUR stories. I feel so lucky to be flooded with amazing stories from men and women who’s lives are literally being transformed by simply starting to exercise, clean up their diets and focus on their headspace. I can’t think of a more rewarding career than one where you get to see people on a daily basis who are finding new life, new energy and new purpose in each day.

I have to admit most people walk in the door because they want a new body. Many have been struggling with yo-yo dieting and disordered eating for decades in the quest for the perfect body. Most have lost the weight over and over and over again doing crazy diets.

Funny thing is that for many people – even after they lose the weight – IF they don’t do the
mindset work, they are still unhappy. They are sad or have trouble finding peace with themselves. Why is that?

It’s the quest to achieve what is impossible – Perfection. It doesn’t exist. There will always be one more ‘thing’ we need to ‘fix’ – the flabby arms, the flat butt, the boobs, the wrinkles.

If we wait to have perfection before we love our bodies, we will continue to abuse it and ourselves.

I get it. I had three kids. Look – I have stretch marks and extra skin from being stretched out 3 times with 3 gorgeous 10 lb babies. I nursed three kids so you know what that means too.
I don’t have the perfect six pack but you know what? I am fast, I am confident and people tell me I have pretty killer legs. That’s good enough for me. Bring on the bathing suit, stretch marks, extra skin and all 🙂

Today my challenge for you is this. Right now – Write down at least 3 Things that are pretty damn awesome about you. Read them out loud 10 times. Post them in on your mirror, in your journal, in your wallet and every time you start to hear yourself reminding you of “what’s wrong” with your body – SWITCH it up. Reprogram it. My thought process is…

“My belly has extra skin …Ugh!!
Well that may be true, but you know what is pretty awesome? My legs kick ass, I got a great strong butt and I am pretty proud of the fact I am fast and furious on hill climbs. I can crush those babies like no body’s business! And that feel’s pretty stinkin awesome!”

All those beautiful people in magazines are airbrushed. Let’s get clear. I am not saying ignore hard work, consistency and eating right. That’s the LAST thing I want you to do. This isn’t a ‘get out of working hard pass’.

I want you to be strong and toned and lean. But do it for the right reasons.

Time to get real and love the body you have as you work hard to fuel it with clean, nourishing food so you can thrive. Strength train so you look and feel strong but most of all so you can do the things with confidence and energy because those things are contagious.

Leave Perfection at the Door! Push hard and celebrate often and love those pretty awesome parts of you. I want to hear from you!

What parts of you are pretty awesome? Comment below 🙂 and let’s make it contagious.

Christine Line