Lack of time

Traveled lately? Ever heard this message…

“ In the event of a change in cabin pressure, panels above your head will open revealing oxygen masks. Pull the mask down towards you to activate the flow of oxygen… Cover your nose and mouth with the mask… Remember to secure your own mask before assisting others”. 

We’ve all heard it before. Does it resonate with you? 

I will tell you it speaks volumes to me! Maybe that’s because by the time many clients come to see me they are running so low on their own oxygen. They have been running around, holding their own breath trying to take care of everyone else until eventually they are all out. All out of energy, confidence, strength, endurance, joy, love – whatever it is – that they can’t give anything back or feel like they are running half speed.  

Why is that? It seems to me that taking care of ourselves is viewed as a luxury or selfish. I hear it over and over again. “Must be nice!  I don’t have time to exercise, eat healthy foods, cook meals, mediate or read because I am too busy.”  Too busy doing what? There will always be plenty of activities, trivial matters and opportunities to suck up your time around you. 

For those of you who say you don’t have the time – I am speaking from the heart here and I have said it to myself over and over again so I am not just picking on you… 

There is no such thing as a lack of time, only a lack of priorities.

I know this is true because every time I hear myself with that same lame excuse I know the truth. It’s not them – it’s me. It’ me not setting boundaries. It’s me not being disciplined. It’s me not planning. It’s me not making sure that the things that matter REMAIN at the top of my list.  Without my health and sanity I have nothing to give so when I am frazzled, yelling at my kids and frustrated that I have missed my workout for the 3rd day in a row – yes I am real – but I am also the owner of that.

Be honest. Dig deep. Too many of us allow other things to take over our time and gobble it up!

I am going to challenge you today to make a list of the top 5 things that matter the most to you! 

Is your health one of them? Does your family, your work, your relationship need you happy, healthy and in a great state of mind? 

How different would your days and work be if you were in that place?

So  – here is my 5 STEP Challenge to get more OXYGEN into your life and fill your tank! As an added BONUS I am going to give you a freebie!

  1. Make a list of your absolute priorities.
  2. Are you in one of the top 5? If not go back and rethink that.  
  3. Decide the WHAT. What do you need to do to care for yourself so you can be your best for the people you want to serve. I need a good 30 minutes to myself in the morning before anyone else is up. I need to break a great sweat on a daily basis even if it’s for 20 minutes and I need to plan my days so I know what I have to focus on.
  4. What is it that you need? 
  5. Decide the WHEN. Make time right now in your schedule to REFILL YOUR TANK Put it in your calendar and make it a non- negotiable! Pretend this is a standing appointment with someone you respect highly and would never think of cancelling on. Then treat it as such!
    REVISIT your priorities and habits weekly to make sure you stay true to yourself. 

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury, but a necessity! IF you are serious about making an impact on others, serving others and performing your best you absolutely can not afford to keep putting the mask on everyone else above your own. Would love to hear from you guys – how you are practicing this in your lives and what are you committed to doing this week for YOU so you can do it for them?

As an added bonus here is a super simple worksheet I work through with my clients to see where they need more ‘oxygen’ and balance.

Get the FREEBIE! Download my Energy Balance Worksheet here!

Christine Line