OMG what was I thinking….. Exercise program jitters

The first time or after being ‘out of the game’ for a period of time can be daunting. We have all felt the familiar feelings associated with walking out of the first class – you leave with a variety of thoughts streaming through your mind from “what was I thinking” to “I will never move again” or even “I feel sick”. Usually these feelings are mixed with “that was so awesome” and a few “woo hoos!” It is at this moment while you walk out of the class that you make a decision on whether or not to continue or stop dead. It’s the time you think about all the common sayings like “the first time is always the hardest” or “don’t worry it will get easier”. While these saying have merit and should help push you to continue they infer that it may not get easier for a while. The question is…. how long is ‘a while’ and can you last? The short answer is … YES YOU CAN!!, and more importantly YES YOU WILL! ! All your feelings are completely normal, we all feel them…

I can remember my first class, not only was I nervous about how hard it might be, but by the end I was overwhelmed by feelings of nausea both from working hard and from excitement. Since then, I have come up with some quick tips you can use to help get through your first few weeks and beyond:

Help your body:

  • Make sure you avoid a heavy meal before you workout – this is the number one cause of nausea.
  • Don’t skip meals before workouts either – fruit w/ yogurt, smoothies and other light meals with natural fruit are great, easy to digest and provide quick energy.
  • Make sure you remain hydrated throughout the day and during your workout
  • Pay attention to your body – work with your trainer to make sure the routine supports your problem areas and speak up if something doesn’t feel quite right

Help your mind:

  • Find a buddy either in class or to bring to class – not only will you help push each other to keep going, but you may even find you push each other to reach new limits
  • Make it fun – don’t be afraid to try new ways of doing your favourite exercises – even the tried and true can be spruced up once in a while
  • Schedule it on your calendar – People who pencil it in are less likely to find something else to do, this will help make it a part of your routine and you’ll feel good each time you can ‘check it off’

There are so many great tips and unique tricks out there, let us know what you have done. What works for you and what doesn’t?

(Brought to you by Laura Brogden, Your Experience Coach at push!FITstudio and Certified Nutrition Consultant)