Happy New Year! Today is a blank page of a brand new book. What will your story be?

I know many of you are thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and setting goals which is great BUT I want to stop you for a second! Too many people I know start out like bulls in a china closet… guns a blazing and determined THIS year things will be different for them! This will be the year they finally lose the weight, get in shape, save money, start investing, go on that dream trip… Whatever it is. Then something goes sideways (aka ‘life!’) and the dream becomes a distant memory.

Super sad and really it’s not that they failed. It’s that their method of goal setting failed.

I DO believe THIS can be your year! 100% I DO want you to set intentions and goals BUT… BEFORE you start making new year’s goals and resolutions. STOP and read this first 🙂

I sat down to work on my personal goals for 2017 and realized I wanted to share this with you. Why? I want you to have the most amazing year along with me.
I want you to feel successful, feel energized about your life and see results and momentum every single day. So… DO NOT make any new goals or promises to yourself until you do this first!

What I been guilty of in the past and see my clients doing all the time is focusing on where they want to be in the future or where they are not yet at. This can be good to create a vision of what you want but if all you do is keep looking way in the future at where you aren’t yet, you will constantly feel stuck in the “GAP”.
The “GAP” is that dark and frustrating place between where you are today and where you want to be.

The thing is… if you are driven to succeed the gap will always be there and you can run at risk of never feeling happy, fulfilled or successful. So… I DO want you to have that forward vision and goals for yourself but FIRST you need the confidence and faith you can achieve that.

How do you get more CONFIDENCE and FAITH in yourself?

You must reflect and acknowledge on the events, actions and times you DID accomplish, overcome obstacles and DO things that were moving you forward. Overcoming hurdles, crushing through old habits into the new. Whether that means you stuck with regular workouts this year, did your first 5k run, hit a business or personal goal – you need to sit for a minute and BE there.

Writing down those events and taking yourself back to those moments will ‘reset’ your brain to think … “I AM capable of…, I AM able to…, I DID …., I CAN achieve…” You will essentially build your confidence muscle so you can NOW write out what you want to achieve this coming year.

STEP – by – STEP 2017 GOAL & ACTION PLANNING! Think a F.R.E.S.H. Start to 2017
What’s F.R.E.S.H. ?

FILL: Get a journal or piece of paper and fill it, I mean fill it with everything you achieved over the last year. Can be workouts, clean eating, career related, relationships, new explorations. Anywhere where you achieved something you wanted to and is different from when you started 2016. This is a powerful exercise if you do it right!
REFLECT: Read that list to yourself. Read it out loud. Think about it for a minute. See what you did last year?
ENJOY the moment. Let it soak in and tell yourself “I AM capable of…, I AM able to…, I DID …., I CAN achieve…”
SET YOUR INTENTIONS: Move forward. Think of 1 Health, 1 Personal and 1 Career Goal you would like to achieve this year. (you can do more but at least 1). STRETCH yourself here!! Don’t write down something you have already done! Pick something that is going to stretch your confidence and faith. Something that is going to require you to think differently and act differently!
HABITS: Hone in on what new habits and actions you need to set in motion every single day in order to achieve the goal/intention you set for yourself. The actual GOAL is simply the ‘end point’. It’s the championship game. The HABITS are the early morning practices, the games in between that when done repeatedly, when you put the work in – each small win amounts to a spot in the FINALS – those FINALS are your GOALS!! So your GOALS can be the endgame for you but what you really need to focus on are your daily habits and actions!
ACTION STEP: Instead of focusing on your “New Years Goals” FOCUS on your daily actions.

Instead of focusing on the long term, focus on the NEXT 24 hours. Focus on your NEXT best move. Always be asking yourself… “What is my next best move right now in order to get me to my weight loss goal of ‘x’? To get me to my fitness goal of ‘x’? To get me to that career goal of ‘x’?

Focusing on the next 24 hours is manageable and takes the pressure off. You will be AMAZED at how repetition, discipline and daily intention gets you exactly where you want to be and beyond.

With that I am going to leave you to set yourself up for this year. IF you want more for yourself in 2017, I am here for you. Setting GOALS, breaking them down into actionable steps and helping you keep the motivation and momentum going is where coaching comes in. If you are ready to do something different for yourself this year, 10X your energy – your confidence – your strength in 2017 reach out to us and let’s get a plan in motion that will make 2017 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

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