When we explain how weight loss works, the theory of calories in vs. calories out is used. If you skip a meal you are reducing your calories and thus should lose weight, right? Wrong! Following the method of calories in vs calories out will ensure weight loss only if the consumed calories absorb as intended. Eating 600kcal on paper must absorb like 600kcal in the body. This will happen with a methodical eating pattern, where you consume food a frequent intervals, instead of allowing the body to move into feast or famine mode which happens when meals are skipped.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had such a busy day that you did not have time to eat? When you finally do sit down to eat, you are starving, you will eat anything and everything and once you start, you cant’t seem to stop. If you count the calories consumed at this meal it is probably over 1000kcal, but will store like 4000kcal. That is why people that don’t eat or only eat once a day never seem to lose weight. In fact this is the diet a sumo wrestler uses in order to gain weight.

Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day

When you are sleeping the body is performing many important tasks and thus expending energy. In addition the body has fasted for an extended period of time. You would think that most people wake up starving, but yet many don’t feel hungry at all. Some believe the lack of hunger is due to busy mornings, so much to do, so little time, something has to give, run out the door, and pick up a coffee in order to hold you over until lunch. Other research shows that in the morning certain hormones like cortisol are high, thus giving your body a natural energy, the body feels that it can go without food, and thus breakfast is skipped.

New research shows that skipping breakfast can compromise your metabolic rate up to 5%, this can lead to an estimation of 1 pound of fat gained every 7 weeks!

For what ever your reason of skipping breakfast and or any other meals in the day, I urge you to break this habit. We encourage eating a “mini” meal every 2-4 hours – that’s about 300-400 calories. Constantly fuelling your body will encourage your metabolic rate to work at it’s peek.

BUSY BREAKFAST IDEAS (MCC program approved)

  • Smoothie (Make sure it’s 30-40 g of carb, 20-25g of protein and 10 g of fat) – some smoothies can easily pack up to 90g of carbs!
  • Quick and Easy egg white style sandwich with whole grain english muffin and low fat cheese (Drive Thru option)
  • Low Fat Greek yogurt and fruit with nuts or seeds
  • Light Ricotta and fruit with nuts or seeds
  • Instant steel cut oats (yes they exist) with nuts, low fat milk and protein powder (add cinnamon!)
  • Vita tops frozen muffin with a glass of milk
  • 2 Hard boiled eggs with toast and milk

Rise and Shine and start your day off right!