Do you have a piece of fitness equipment at home you bought with really good intentions? Do you own a treadmill, elliptical, spin bike, gizmo or gadget you bought that has now become a coat rack or piece of art? 🙂 Be honest… I won’t tell! 😉

I will fess up first. I brought a spin bike home from my studio and had all the good intentions in the world of using it. After all, I OWN a personal training and wellness studio so if anyone is going to be using their equipment, I should be the first one not to miss a beat right?


Oh I used it. For a few weeks. Then about once per month when the kids were driving me a little insane and I needed to blow off steam. Then…. well you know. The kids started to pile up old books, clothes and messy things around it and then it became another piece of ‘art’. I realized that for me, working out at home was not going to be where I was going to get my ‘quality’ workouts in. I ALSO realized that there are days when I need to supplement my training with sessions at home because sometimes life IS busy, kids get sick and things come up so I better have a plan. In my mind, my health is a non-negotiable. When I don’t care for myself I feel unwell, tired, cranky and unattractive. That’s right. SWEAT makes me feel pretty and mentally sharp so I have to make it happen.

Hence this blog post.

The #1 Excuse I hear all the time from people who want to make changes but haven’t – or those who continue to fall off track is…. I don’t have TIME to exercise.

Really? Out of 168 hours, you can’t find 3-5 hours to dedicate to your most valuable asset?

It usually sounds something like this… “Christine, I just do NOT have time! I can’t fit it in. My life is CRAZY! I can not make this happen! My career, my kids, my family… everyone wants a piece of me. Every time I am on track for a while, life throws me a curve ball and then I am totally off track.”

I GET it! I am a mom of 3 kids and have been a single mom since my son was under 3 (he’s now 11 and the girls are 13 and 15). I run a business, have staff, clients, a golden retriever who is high energy! Yes.. my life feels a little out of control at times. So I am right here with you.

But I am also here to give you the good news and that is there are three hacks or tips that can really help set you and keep you on track. Follow them 1-2-3 and I promise you will be ahead of the game!

Here are three reasons you fall off track and three tips to get you to STAY on track!

REASON #1: You are being Too VAGUE

You are being too vague about what it is you want. “I want to get healthy and start working out” is a weak place to start and won’t keep you going for long. What’s more is once you start you don’t feel like you are working out with purpose or seeing progress. Those two elements are KEY to keeping you motivated!


You need to be more specific about what you want and how you want to do it. Do you want to tone up? Start running? Do more flexibility work?

Once you decide what you want, then decide what type of exercise you are going to do and when. If you need help determining that, find a coach to help you flesh this out.

When you have a purpose, it creates inspiration! When you are inspired, you put more energy into your sessions. When you show up with energy and are doing intentional work, you see progress and THAT is motivating my friend!

REASON #2: You are flying by the seat of your pants

Very few of us can actually get to our desired results without project planning or scheduling. You know this applies at work, with your children, with financial planning and every other area of your life. If you want to complete a project (aka: your body) you must have a plan and schedule. Flying by the seat of your pants is a recipe for failure or plateauing.


What days and what time are you going to do this?

Are there sessions you are going to show up for somewhere? If you have a piece of equipment, what days and what times are you going to do you workout? Schedule it in!

I schedule my total body workouts at the studio 3 days per week. I actually attend at least 1 scheduled group training session plus do 2 more on my own. In addition I have scheduled my ‘cardio’ days in between and block off no less than 45 minutes so I can do a full 30 minute session.

Reason #3: You are Ruled by Your Emotions

It’s great to be in touch with your feelings and emotions, but they can also detrimental to our progress.

I always tell clients… “DO NOT be ruled by your feelings”. ACT in spite of how you feel and you will have a different feeling afterwards. We spend too much time focused on how we feel before we do something and not enough on how we feel after we do it!

When was the last time you felt on top of the world? Was it before you did something or right afterwards?

TIP: Follow your Instructions & Automate it!

I should be able to look at your calendar and follow what is written to get the result you want. If your calendar says it’s a total body workout day, then that is what you do. Eliminate the thinking from it. You have already thought about, decided what you want to do and scheduled it in. Now you are FREE from thinking. You just have to act. Thinking about it again just creates stress and space to veer from your plan. Now is not the time to think about it.

Set up triggers to activate your brain! We all have that workout top, outfit, song, shoes that put our brains in gear to work out. I have my hot pink training shoes. The minute I put them on, my brain knows it’s ‘game time’

Every time you follow through with your plan, you build that confidence muscle and reinforce success!

Do these three steps in sequence and let me know how you are making out!

Want to take it to the next level and make this specific to you?

If you want to work on YOUR specific plan with a coach, fill out a consultation form and book your complimentary “Goal Planning Session”. In this session we will discuss your current fitness, your goals and come up with an action plan to get you where you want to be. Working with a coach is also a sure way to stay on track with your fitness goals. We are here to support you, guide you and motivate you each step of the way. Every great athlete works with a coach. Every great business person has mentors. If you want to achieve your best level of fitness, coaching IS the most effective way to do that.

Want more? Check out the video below where I speak more on this topic!

Are you ready to get started?! Request a consult and let’s get MOVING!

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What is your FIRST action step this week? If you are already doing these things how is it working for you?