Just a few days until the “Around the Bay” 30k Road Race! Whoo hoo! We have quite a few ladies and gents heading out to run on Sunday and joining the 11,000 runners along the famous course. For those of you attending the Health and Fitness Expo make sure to come and visit us! We will have draw prizes, demos and a few freebies.

For those of you running I thought I would post a few quick reminders on Carb Loading here. Visit my other blog for tips on hydration and eating During Race.

Carb Loading – Necessary or Not

All Runners: Remember what you do a few days before the race sets you up for success so try to stick to clean, natural foods, whole grains as well as lots of fruits and vegetables and lean protein. Avoid processed foods and packaged goods. They are often full of additives and sugar that zap your energy and leave you feeling sluggish. Also drink 10 glasses of water per day to hydrate and prep muscles and get your rest at night. Sleep is one of the easiest and best things you can do for your body pre-race.

10k and 15k Runners:

No need to carb load! Just follow a healthy diet and hydrate well for these few days prior to race day and you should be good to go!

30k Runners:

Yes! CarbLoading is recomended for races lasting longer than 90 minutes in duration.

Follow the advice for all runners but on Saturday try to consume 60% of total calories from quality carbohydrates – fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes, pastas, rice etc. If you have a sensitive digestive system you may find food lower in fibre on the afternoon/evening and morning of the race to be better options so you aren’t running to the bathroom mid run! Include small portions of lean protein throughout the day on the day prior to race day but try to stay away from processed or really fatty foods as they may also leave you feeling weighed down and lethargic. An ideal day would look like :

Breakfast: Steel Cut oats with berries or 1/2 banana, maple syrup and milk, Snack: Whole grain crackers with hummus and veggies,

Lunch: Small Greek pasta salad with chicken and veggies, Snack: PB and apples and low fat yogurt,

Dinner: Pasta or Brown Rice with Aparagus, Red Peppers and shrimp and salad. Fruit cup for dessert w yogurt. Hyradate throughout the day. Easy tip – drink a glass of water before and after each meal/snack.

Morning of Race: Do what works best for you. This is not the day to be experimenting with new things. Oatmeal, Whole grain toast, waffles or pancakes with fruit are all good options. I like drinking a glass of juice just before race time (within 30 minutes). The fructose quickly absorbs into your bloodstream supplying quick and readily available energy.

Remember to go into the race hydrated so you should have been consuming water the few days prior to the race. Morning of go into the race having drank 500 ml of water so you are good to go. Don’t chug it just before you start though…give yourself time for that bathroom run first.

– Submitted by Christine Line, Run Coach and Head Trainer

I will see you on the course!

For more tips on what to do during the race click here.

What’s your favourite carb loading tip or recipe? We want to hear from you!