We live in a world of information overload. Every minute we are bombarded with pressures to answer and email, watch an ad, listen to music/people or engage in some kind of activity. With cell phones permanently attached to us we have become accessible 24/7. This can be great in case of emergencies but this also puts our bodies in a constant state of “emergency” or heightened alert – which is detrimental to our long term health. Another thing that it does is it sucks the life and steals the JOY from the activity we are actually doing because we are forever distracted as our minds race and we disengage. I am super guilty of this – always trying to max out every minute. Truth is –

We can never get the moments back that we are living!

My challenge to you as you read this is to start BEING PRESENT. To fully appreciate the moment you have to BE in it. How many times are we sitting in a room with people we are wanting to spend time with and everyone is on their phone? Why invite someone for coffee if you are busy texting someone else? This week is about slowing down.

So here is the deal… Simplifying our lives doesn’t mean we have to ditch the technology or information all together but it does mean that we can establish some boundaries around what we allow in to our time.

  • Turn off your cell or leave it behind when you are wanting to engage in an activity
  • Use a “technology basket” at home. Leave a basket at the front door and everyone drops in their iPods/phones etc and only goes to the basket to answer if needed.
  • Focus completely on the person you are with. It will make both of you feel special and appreciated!
  • Maintain your commitment to work-free afternoons/events and vacations.
  • Use voice mail – it’s OK for someone to have to leave a message and you can establish a time frame to return to them
  • Be proactive – not reactive. Plan ahead instead of reacting to every situation that pops up.
  • ASK yourself: “Will this matter one year from now?”

If this is something you need help with (we all pretty much do!) then request a free consultation and find out how we can help!

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