Sitting Rising Test
By Christine Chisholm B.Sc. (H. Kin), PTS

Here is a fun way to test how you measure up on your muscle strength and flexibility. A Brazilian physician named Claudio Gil Araujo came up with the “Sitting Rising Test”. Follow the example in the picture below. Everyone starts with 10 points and you get a point subtracted for every limb that touches the floor or half a point for loss of balance.

Try It
1. Stand in comfortable clothes in your bare feet, with clear space around you.
2. Without leaning on anything, lower yourself to a sitting position on the floor.
3. Now stand back up, trying not to use your hands, knees, forearms or sides of your legs.

The two basic movements in the sitting-rising test — lowering to the floor and standing back up — are each scored on a 1-to-5 scale, with one point subtracted each time a hand or knee is used for support and 0.5 points subtracted for loss of balance; this yields a single 10-point scale.
If your score is between 8-10 you are doing well. Your fitness and balance are good. 3.5-7.5 means you are twice as likely to die within the next 6 years and your fitness and balance are not so hot. 0-3 points means you are five times more likely to die within the next 6 years and you have some work to do.
Give it a try and see what your score is.