Stay Fit and Lean This Summer! Drink Smarter with Party Survival Tips

Minty MojitoI absolutely love this time of year. Those of you who know me know I can’t sit inside for longer than 20 minutes without running out to get some fresh air. Winter is way too long for us not be soaking up the sun right now and enjoying our backyards or docks! Unfortunately for many people this is also where things can unravel pretty quickly. All those months of hard work were done for a reason! Because you wanted to get in shape and stay in shape.

It IS possible for you to enjoy family and friend time without piling on weight this summer. With just a few behaviour modifications you can make this a lifestyle that keeps you lean and fit all summer! Here are some party survival tips on alcohol from your Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Christine Line.

Let’s Party: Alcohol survival tips for a great summer! First and foremost we must address the Alcohol. While we all love a nice drink, here are a few realities to keep in mind:

  • – Crazy spikes in blood sugar levels: Alcohol is always processed first, before fat, protein and carbohydrates (this slows down the fat burning process)
  • – Beer Belly? Causes bloating and water retention (NOT pretty in a bathing suit or sundress)
  • – Judgement goes out the window! Being tipsy lowers your inhibition around food, that’s why you are likely to down a whole plate of nachos while you are drinking than you would be if you were sober.
  • – High in empty calories: Alcohol calories are second highest to fat per gram (7 kcal per gram), these calories are digested like sim- ple carbohydrates, causing blood sugar spike.
  • – It disrupts sleep by suppressing a chemical called GLUTAMINE. As alcohol suppresses glutamine, your body tries to produce more of it to compensate. Then as the alcohol leaves your system you feel a blast of stimulant that disrupts your sleep.

So…. What do we do about it?

  • Tip #1: Always drink alcohol with food – preferably a fat/protein blend. This will help slow down the effects of the alcohol on your blood sugar levels. If alcohol is sugar then we want to slow that entry down. Pair a glass of wine with some hard aged cheese and olives or a beer with small pieces of lean sausage served with a variety of mustards.
  • Tip #2: Cut it in half – Spritzers are a great way to make drinks go much further. Make it a rule to always bring one bottle of wine + one bottle of Pellegrino or Perrier to a party. You decide – it is 1:1 ratio or even better 1:2 (1 part alcohol 2 parts water). The reality is we just want a drink to hold on to so toss in a few blueberries, raspberries, slices of peach and splash of lime and voila!
  • Tip #3: Alternate! Make it a rule that you have 1 drink and 1 water – always. Not something that sounds like a good idea but something you just DO. Whether it’s a beer or glass of wine, have one then have a full glass of water before you allow yourself another. You will fill up faster and drink half the amount!
  • Tip #4: Always fill your own glass and keep a drink in your hands (even if it’s water). This is a biggie because the inevitable “bottomless” drink happens. People naturally want to top up your drink so make it a rule that you fill your own glass so you know how much you are actually drinking.
  • Tip #5: Fake it. No one call tell if it’s club soda or vodka soda. When you hit your 1-2 drink max, switch over to club soda with lime.
  • Tip #6: AVOID Sweet, frozen fruity drinks. Even those coolers and hard lemonades that seem like a good idea because of the “fruit” are calorie laden sugar bombs. AND don’t be fooled by low calorie drinks either. They will have the same effects on your blood sugar levels with the added chemicals which attack your nervous system.
  • Tip #7: Pick the ONE thing. If you are going to a party and want to drink, then decide to stay on track with your meals. Avoid starchy, sugary carbs and stick to tons of veggies and lean meat. Avoid bread, cookies, cakes and crackers. Pick one: is it dessert or is it wine?
  • Tip #8: Drink early. Alcohol disrupts sleep patterns so if you’re going to drink – happy hour is the time to do it!
  • Tip #9: When in doubt, stick to vodka soda.
  • Tip #10: Pick Events and Reframe WHY. If we want to go to every party, celebrate every occasion and not “miss out” on any fun then we need to pick and choose which ones we will stick to a plan at and which ones we will allow some wiggle room at. We can’t wiggle at every event or we end up overweight and frustrated

Another thing to consider is that not every event needs to be entered around food and drink! What’s the purpose of the day? Is it to spend time together? Can we go for a hike? Pack a picnic lunch and go for a long walk by the beach? Head out for a family game of soccer or volleyball? Try thinking outside the “sit around and eat” box and bring more joy and less bloating to your next event!

Have some great recipes or ideas? Please share them below…

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