Have you ever used the phrase "When ________, then _________…"?

Killer of Dreams Let me give you an example:

WHEN things in my life calm down and I can focus, THEN I’ll be able to focus on myself, lose this weight and get in shape.

Or… WHEN I have a little more money, THEN I’ll invest in myself.

This phrase is the dream killer and can be applied around any area of life – weight loss, fitness, business, financial goals, parenting, literally …. anything.

If you’ve ever used this phrase, you’re certainly not alone. Most people with any type of dream or goal do, but what you need to acknowledge is that it’s garbage. It’s an excuse that holds you back from achieving and from living the life you deserve. From having the strong, pain free body you need to DO more and ENJOY more in life.

Believe me – I know because I’ve done it! I continue to do it from time to time. But the question is not … do I do it? But… "How quickly can I snap myself out of this thinking, readjust and EMPOWER myself to make the next best move"?

So I challenge you – what is one WHEN _____, THEN _____ area of your life that you can OWN? By own I mean take control over. Right now. Today. Because you know WHEN _____, THEN _____ isn’t reality and it’s the killer of dreams.

"When we take ownership of our lives, regardless of the situation, we build confidence, empowerment, and the ability to charge through any obstacle. We have the power to achieve any goal."

It is THROUGH your obstacles that you become a master. In order to get what we want we have to be real and honest about the fact that yes- sometimes we need to sacrifice what we want/crave/feel in the moment so we we want/long for/desire in the long term doesn’t become the sacrifice!

Did you get that?

Use what you perceive as an obstacle to create results – to navigate, to find a way. You will become stronger for it.

Please hit reply and let me know your WHEN _____, THEN _____ so I can help you overcome the false reality that life circumstances will ever be fully in support of your goals or provide the perfect conditions for your success.

I write this not only as a reminder for you but also for myself. I am there with you and ready to overcome the dream killer right along side of you.

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