I hope you saw my message from last week on “The Killer of Dreams.” If you missed it, be sure to check it out HERE!

That piece was really about owning and acknowledging the excuses we make for ourselves. Too often we buy into and believe the stories we tell ourselves because that makes it easier to accept less out of life than we truly desire. It’s CRAZY but true. We believe what we tell ourselves more than what anyone else tells us. And that can either work for us or against us.

The problem? Most of us talk to ourselves terribly (we wouldn’t talk to others this way in a million years!) and feed ourselves stories that keep us in our comfort zones so we can stay safe from the pain of struggle or potential failure at something we want. Worse – what if we DO reach that goal? Then the pressure to live up to ourselves… ah – just better to stay here where it’s cozy…. but that is oh so not a recipe for happiness!!

To live in our comfort zones is a dangerous thing though. If you are experiencing restlessness, a desire for MORE, a feeling that you are living LESS than what you KNOW you are capable of – it’s time to break free my friend! Here’s the reality. “MAGICAL things happen when you push your edge and get outside your comfy, cozy, predictable state of operating” That is why one of our core values in the studio and in my coaching practice is #ownit and #embracethechallenge! If you have a goal that you’ve convinced yourself is unattainable and anyone in your same or similar circumstance has achieved it, there’s not one real reason you can’t be successful too. There have been working moms and men with kids and full time careers who have lost 100 pounds and KEEP it off. They have totally transformed their lives. Pat is one of those people. There have been people who ran their first marathon in their 80s! I saw them in Big Sur running right alongside me. Totally blown away and inspired! There have been women who took the leap to break out of draining, toxic relationships with no money or anywhere to go who rebuilt their entire lives and created a thriving financial future and life for themselves that they love (yep – that one was me)! Even if you’ve failed in the past to achieve a goal, it doesn’t mean you can’t go for it again and make it work this time. Heck, take Morgan Freeman for example… He made his first acting debut at age 9 but didn’t strike real, international success and fame until he was nearly 50 years old. What?! That’s like 41 years of …… persistence. Imagine where he’d be today if he’d given up when things got tough or didn’t work out quite the way he expected… So, I want to give you a strategy today. If you recall, the killer of dreams is WHEN __________, THEN __________. The first step is consciousness and recognizing when you’re doing this. The next step is having a plan! ACTION STEP >> When you start to think “when…, then…”, you are going to shift your thinking to “IF ________, THEN _________” Let me explain… You’re going to put a strategy in place to immediately change your thinking. Let me give you some examples: “IF I find myself buying into excuses about why I can’t get to the gym today, THEN I will put on my workout clothes and go immediately without further thought.” “IF I know I’m going out to eat in a restaurant where I’ll be tempted to order food that doesn’t align with my goals, THEN I’ll preview the menu when I’m not hungry to select a healthy option so I don’t even have to open the menu in the restaurant and face temptation.” Have a plan in place. When you notice your “WHEN, THEN” thoughts, excuses, or procrastination come up, have an alternative action you can execute on immediately. We all know how easy it is to perpetuate the reasons we can’t do something, so take IMMEDIATE action in the moment. It will change your life. I’d love for you to hit reply and let me know how this resonates, what your struggles are and if I can support you in any way!