I thought I would mix things up this week and share a personal experience with you. Being a health and wellness coach can be tough! I LOVE it and it keeps me ACCOUNTABLE (that’s a big reason why I do it) but it also puts a lot of pressure on us.

I firmly believe in leading by example, and that’s why one of our CORE values here at push!FITstudio is practicing what we preach. In order to coach others on being healthy, vibrant and lean you need to practice those habits yourself and be an image of what others are striving for. That is exactly why I chose to participate in our current 30 day RESET Challenge. I knew I was getting a little sloppy with my habits and needed to re-focus!

As a business owner you get pulled in SO many different directions – lots of them great directions – nevertheless it can get exhausting if you don’t replenish and care for yourself. I started to get a taste of this first hand. In the last few months there have been so many exciting things happening in and around the studio that I began to focus more on “work” and getting things done than focusing on myself. It started innocently enough – with a little extra coffee here, and then a late night work session there…. and before I knew it I was having more coffee than I needed and more wine than I knew was good for me on a daily basis. Note: when you need caffeine to keep you going and wine to help you relax – > that’s a sign and not a good one!

I even skipped workouts which I RARELY do because I was “too tired” or waited until later in the day and things always stole my workout time. I felt so off.

Although it wasn’t much to many people, I could TELL I wasn’t caring for myself. I wasn’t feeling as energized, strong and happy as usual so… TIME to do something about it! Enter the 30 day RESET Challenge. I decided to jump into this challenge with all our amazing clients and I am amazed at how great I feel. Of course I KNEW I would feel amazing, but it never ceases to amaze me that by just simplifying our food, moving with intention and allowing time for proper mindset work you can literally become a totally different person! And all this in just about 9 days :)Pretty good right?

So what did I change? The RESET Challenge took us back to eating 100% WHOLE foods, mostly RAW or lightly cooked vegetables, fruit, nuts & seeds and some organic protein choices. It was a great cleanup because although I already ate pretty clean, there were leaky buckets that needed to get addressed! Too many little snacks or skipped meals here and there. Too much dairy, meat, wheat or just not enough of the really really good stuff that is LIVING food. We are also focusing on managing stress and making TIME to care for our minds. The time to journal and practice quiet time is purely healing and gives such clarity.

Biggest takeaway? I feel so much more ALERT. Just like the fog has completely lifted off my head and I am taking photos along the way since my body is responding quite nicely as well :)Basically it’s a great reminder of how GREAT it feels to be FULLY ALIVE and present and to really feel like your body is THRIVING!

This is what I want for all of you and wish I could give to every person I meet! Thanks for letting me share my story with you today. If you are stuck, feeling low and frustrated with your weight, energy levels or sense of “foggy head” – we can help! Reach out to us for more information or to book a consult today!

Remember – YOU ARE what you Eat! So don’t be Fast, Cheap Easy or Fake! Instead focus on living each day intentionally and with purpose so you can enjoy LIFE!

Yours in health,

Christine Line