In less than ONE month we will be operating out of our BRAND NEW facility at 170 Rockhaven Lane, Waterdown just next door to Movement Solutions Physiotherapy. It is a beautiful, functional space with lots of natural light designed to better serve you and is more aligned with our VISION of being a true ‘Holistic Heath, Training & Performance Studio”.

A LOT has happened over the last 7 years since I opened the doors and started the business so I wanted to connect with you and first off, to say THANK YOU.

Thank you so much for being a part of the journey with me and the Push!FIT team along the way. Some of you have been with me from the beginning (Barb M, Elena M, Guy, Cindy, Lee Anne L, John L, Donna, Mary, most of the 6 AM crew), some of you joined Push!FIT Studio later or came for a time and we are forever grateful to have been part of your life and your journey to optimal health.

Every single one of you has made this dream possible and I am so honored that you choose Push!FIT Studio as a safe place to connect, challenge yourself, pursue your health & fitness goals and ….. GROW personally.

It has always been my #1 goal and priority to bring the BEST of myself, of our coaching and industry knowledge to our clients. That brings me to today. Bear with me b/c I want to share a bit about where we came from, where we are today, and what is in store for us in the future.

If you’d rather watch/ listen- you can check out my video blog below. If you’d rather read, continue on!!

In the beginning it was all about fitness. I LOVED training hard, playing hard, and HIT training was all the rage. Sweat and feeling exhausted after a workout were indicators of a great session. Push!FIT opened with an emphasis on small group training, interval training and fat loss. And we rocked it.

Then I realized we needed to LEVEL UP. Something was missing. You can’t out train poor nutrition. You can try, but man is it ever frustrating! So I dove into more education and brought holistic nutrition/health coaching in house to deliver a better solution that would fast track results by balancing food and exercise. We became all about exercise and nutrition – specifically fat loss.

That was pretty good, but I wanted us to be BETTER.

I started to see gaps in the nutrition program and group training. While people needed guidance on what, when and how to eat – the novelty of a ‘new program’ quickly wore off and clients would revert back to old behaviour patterns (we all do it!). I also realized that going ‘harder’ isn’t the best solution for everyone and we needed to re frame that. We introduced lifestyle coaching on stress, sleep and behaviour modification to make lasting change.

People needed more work on posture, alignment, and different intensities of exercise to match their life and goals in the moment. That’s when I introduced the CHEK Model of Health Coaching and Private Training to create better programs for our clients.

So we LEVELED UP again. We started to become about the LIFESTYLE, BALANCE and WHOLE BODY.

Over the past 2 years as we had even more faces join our studio, our personal training has grown like crazy as we became know for THE place to go to get results. I wanted to scale what we were doing so began working on training and developing our team more, diving into more education on better coaching, leadership (because coaching is leading our people), building a stronger community and diving further into the psychology of why we do what we do and how we can really transform our bodies/health long term by transforming our mind.

That brings me to TODAY. I am so INCREDIBLY excited to see where we are and what we are creating for you.

Today, as we look ahead we are about the BIG PICTURE. We are ready to KICK ASS.

We are pulling together the BEST of training education and bringing that to our team, the BEST of nutrition and health coaching, and the BEST in LIFE coaching to create a Health & Performance Studio that understands you and gives you what you need to THRIVE, physically – mentally and across multiple arenas of your life.
As we move into the new space you will see new coaching programs being introduced (we have already started). Here is what is happening/in development already and moving forward will be the focus:

1) Foundations for Every Person: Every single client will begin with our foundations of nutrition program and personal training sessions to assess posture, muscular imbalances and areas to develop for BEST results relative to your goal: weight loss, pain management, performance etc. Every single client (group or PT) will have regular re-assessments as part of their program.

2) Ongoing Monthly Health Challenges: We are also transitioning from our fat loss challenges and rolling out a new membership site with monthly ‘challenges’ that you can jump into that address the 12 areas of Optimal Health. From our famous Reset Challenge to 30 Day Mindfulness Practices to 30 Day Fitness & Mobility Challenges. All of these are fun ways to stay engaged,dive deeper and explore a new level of health.

3) Life & Performance Coaching: I have introduced High Performance Coaching to our practice. This past year I spent a lot of time learning from and working with some of the top life coaches in the industry and have now introduced a strategic life coaching program that helps clients achieve breakthroughs in personal performance: More Clarity, Energy, Confidence, Productivity, Better Relationships and Alignment. It is exciting stuff! We currently have small groups and private sessions running.

All this is for you. My desire is to serve you and give you, the clients – the attention, programming and coaching to get you the BEST results – to match your life, your goals and your needs.

Hence our decision is to remain small as a studio, intimate and focused on quality relationships over cheap, high volume. As we move into our boutique facility we are leveling up again! Our primary focus is developing a team that is aligned to our vision and invested in ongoing education.

We are excited to continue working with you, investing in your long term health and challenging you to stretch your comfort zone so you can live a life without limits!

To your continued success!

Christine Line