The perfect environment to

Good morning!

Today I am writing to you from Canmore, Alberta where I feel so fortunate to be reconnecting with an amazing group of people who I highly respect and really enjoy their company. Each time we come together I am super excited to see them again. When I leave I feel re energized, re focused and intentional about what I am doing back home. The absolute best parts are that I am immersed in nature, walking, running, sharing and working in an environment that FUELS me. It is the perfect environment for me to thrive.

Do you have a place or group like that in your life?

I am sharing this with you as a continuation from last week’s blog about filling your energy bucket. Did you read it? If not we talked about the importance of “putting on your own oxygen mask before others so you can do more and serve more people”. If you missed it you can read it here.

The power of accountability, support and environment on us and our results are incredible. Have you ever been working hard towards a goal of getting fitter and hit a roadblock in one of these areas? One of the things I hear clients talk about often is they are in a constant struggle because of their environment. They want one thing but keep immersing themselves in another place which keeps them stuck where they are. They want to finally ditch the weight they have been dragging around for years but keep heading out for dinner with the same people who want to overeat to celebrate every occasion. That’s ok IF you set boundaries for yourself and others but you can save a lot of frustration by creating the environment you want to be in.

Key Question #1: What environment do I keep putting myself in? Is it building me up or keeping me stuck?

The next thing is really the WHO. Who we surround ourselves with and spend the most time with also has an incredible impact on who we become. We are all on a journey. The destination is often dependent on who is traveling with us. Are the people you choose to spend time with keeping you on the path to where you want to go or do they keep pulling you off course?
It’s often not intentional however it matters. You choose. Choose to spend time with people who leave you feeling re-energized and on track. Give back to them regularly.

Key Question #2: Who are the people in my life I want to and choose to spend more time with. The people who “fill my bucket” and I want to give back to? 

Finally I want to talk about the power of accountability.  We all know what we should be doing or what to do. Knowing the information is not the problem. DOING it is.  I know this first hand and struggle with it regularly! I am full of good intentions when it comes to my training, my eating, my business and personal goals yet its so easy to get distracted. ENTER ACCOUNTABILITY. It’s like the flashlight that keeps the path lit when it gets dark. I have accountability partners for many areas of my life. Whether you talk daily, weekly or monthly is totally up to you. You don’t need to figure everything out on your own. You CAN be knowledgable but applying what you know on a regular basis takes practice, consistency and discipline. 

NOTE! You must choose an accountability partner who won’t let you off the hook!

Key Question #3: Where am I stuck in my life/training/eating habits and WHO can help hold me accountable to making the change? Who will HOLD me accountable?

So I am going to ask you again…

Do you have the environment, the people and the accountability in your life to fuel you?

If not I want to tell you about our community at push!FITstudio. Our community is simply amazing. The environment is energizing and supporting! It’s a 100% no judge zone filled with people who are all striving for the same thing. Our coaches are dedicated to holding our people accountable through monthly accountability check ins and on top of that there are many smaller accountability groups going within the members. 

If you feel stuck, frustrated or would love to have these elements in your life, reach out to us! We are always here for you and waiting to get to know you better!

Here’s to YOUR growth, progress and success!

Christine Line