Do you have it? Do you know how to create it? WHAT is it that keeps it coming?

I want to take a minute today to talk about a question and topic that comes up over and over again. There’s all kinds of cute quotes and pictures about it and it creates a lot of buzz and energy at in the beginning.

What is IT? We are talking about Motivation.

Motivation refers to the act or state of being stimulated towards action.

In the beginning of an exercise program or new endeavour, everyone is motivated. When I do a consult most people are thrilled to get started. Then over time that motivation either grows and the fire keeps coming or it wanes and people often talk about how they don’t feel motivated anymore. They need to “find motivation”. They stop working out, eating right, thinking right because…they aren’t “motivated” anymore.

Here is the secret. Are you ready?

Elevated and constant motivation is NOT the kind of excitement that lasts for a few hours, a day or a week. It is actually based on what you do every single day to continually stimulate yourself to keep going. It’s in the daily actions you choose to do over and over again that stimulate and inspire you.

You don’t wake up “motivated” unless you’ve been creating actions every day to keep the fire within burning and wanting more. So… instead of waiting for motivation to strike, get yourself motivated by action! This rings so true for me. I usually don’t feel highly motivated (at my peak) until I am DOING the thing I need to do: Running, working out, speaking, writing, planning, eating greens :)

YOU are the only one who can get motivated. Your trainer, your coach, your boss and your friends can challenge you, encourage you and inspire you with fresh ideas but YOU hold the key. In order to stay motivated, it lies within. So here’s my challenge to you. If you aren’t feeling motivated today – go get it.

YOU must keep creating new reasons to show up every day. I don’t wake up motivated to work out or eat clean or think positive. I stay motivated and create new fuel for my fire by showing up to that workout and putting in 100%, by eating what my body needs rather than what my “emotions” want as a band aid. The feeling on the flip side IS the motivation you are looking for!

Onward and upward! Here is to the best version of yourself!! CHOOSE to stay motivated today. Our 30 Day RESET Challenge can help you get moving in the right direction! Make sure you check it out…30 days of nutrition coaching, mindset coaching and exercises to kickstart your holiday season. It kicks off this Saturday Oct. 31st so don’t wait or you’ll miss out! You can also tune into our Facebook page for the latest studio news and announcements…you never know what’s coming around the corner to help you become the healthiest you possible!