Set your Fat Burning Switch to Turn ON and your Fat Storage Switch to turn OFF!

There’s a lot of confusion out there about how to really burn fat and build muscle. Being that we are in the midst of our Fit & Lean Challenge (this photo is at week 4 of a client’s journey) I thought it would be fitting to discuss how you can literally set your Fat Burning Switch to Turn ON and your Fat Storage Switch to turn OFF!

The unfortunate part is that for most people it’s the other way around. They have trained their bodies to turn on and stay in Fat Storage Mode, making it virtually impossible to drop body fat no matter what they do. So… while the key is REALLY understand how to put this together and keep it going long term, I am going to go over a few basics here.

You have heard it before but eating a diet that is clean full of high quality protein and low in high sugar carbs allows your body to burn fat. Here is why…

Turn your Fat Burning Switch ON PROTEIN = Your ULTIMATE FAT LOSS friend

  • Protein is VITAL in the survival sense. It forms the basis for much of your cell’s structure, DNA and enzymes.
  • Protein must be derived from an outside source = you need to eat it. Your body can’t make it’s own so if you don’t bring it in through diet, it takes from you already have resulting in muscle atrophy over time (yup… your body actually uses up it’s own tissue) This is why I often see “skinny FAT people” come in the door! They look good in clothes but watch out! Naked there isn’t much shape or tone and certainly not strength.
  • Protein is considered a ‘thermogenic” nutrient. That means is naturally revs up your metabolism when you eat it and digest it! In a review in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a dozen studies reviewed the effects of protein on your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and concluded that consuming more protein resulted in a 4% spike in Metabolism. That may not seem like much, but over time it adds up!
  • PLUS protein is the essential building block to build new muscle tissue and muscle requires more energy to run = an additional spike in RMR as your muscles call on more energy to run than fat.
  • Another killer benefit of consuming quality protein is that is actually bumps up your body’s FAT Burning Furnace. HSL (Hormone Sensitive Lipase) is a fat torching enzyme that becomes active when insulin levels are low. High levels of HSL allow fat to be used up as energy. This is GREAT news! Eating protein with each meal assists in keeping insulin spikes at bay therefore calling on HSL to come into play.

These are just a few key points around protein and how it can literally turn on you into FAT Burning machine!

To recap, when you eat high quality protein at each meal, your blood sugar levels become more stable. This allows your body to naturally burn fat as fuel instead of storing it as fuel. PLUS you are getting the essential building block for building new muscle tissue which then burns more fat!

Now that you know how get that engine rev’ed up you will also need to be mindful of keeping the FAT storage switch off! That comes by making sure you don’t have crazy spikes in insulin levels which cause fat storing enzymes (LPL) to take over. In order to do that you need to eliminate the high sugar, high processed foods that you often crave. We will be discussing more on that in a future blog.. in them meantime start where you are by incorporating more strength training, quality protein and water into your diet. One more thing:

  • NOT all proteins are created equal. Like carbs, protein quality (not just intake) is key here. In the same way that a bubbly coca cola and a head of broccoli are both carbs, so is factory farm raised meat and grass fed meat both protein. However their respective effects on your overall health are literally polar opposites. The difference however in how your body assimilates the nutrition and utilizes it is incredible (more on that in a future blog!) So remember… QUALITY counts.,/li>

FINALLY a quick note on workouts. Women listen up!

You. Need. To. Lift. Weights.

Did you get that? Strength training and High Intensity Interval Training Build lean muscle. Repetitive, slow, long endurance training causes muscle loss more often than not. Take a look at a sprinters body vs a marathon runner. The body shape speaks for itself in most cases. Sprinters go hard for short bursts of time – literally seconds or minutes and then recover. There are some endurance athletes who are able to maintain lean mass but those athletes are the ones who are cross training, strength training and have dialled in their nutrition. Again we will discuss in much further detail but in the meantime I repeat:

You. Need. To. Lift. Weights.

So the question is HOW Do you put it all together? That is really the key. Finding a way to reduce and eliminate cravings, eat food that tastes great, fuels your body, LEANS you out and you keep it up is attainable! If you WANT this for yourself, now is a great time to reach out and join our 28 Day Beach Body Challenge or 12 Week Nutrition Program!

We will give you all the “Done for you” tools including a full 28 Day Meal Plan you need to set yourself up for rapid and lasting fat loss, while coaching you each step of the way to make sure it sticks! If you are ready and committed to making a change Book a Consult today or get going on the Beach Body Challenge starting May 16th! For more details on Beach Body click here…